How to keep healthy boundaries in your relationships
what's the word........

New words in our vocabulary take off and become flavor of the month awfully quickly and not for the best most times....

Whenever did we start using that *soulmate* word? Why does everyone want to meet theirs? Why does everyone question if the one they are with is their *soulmate*? I am of the personal opinion that it is the most abused word of the English language and yet several years ago who used it?  There are many theories about that *soulmate* word, and for the most part I do not agree, it's an over used word made to fit societies idea of the perfect partner, which does not always apply.

What's with this *issues* word? I believe we meet and have relationships in order to further our personal growth on this planet. We have *issues* to work through and the people we meet are the way we do that. It is not so much the person as it is the emotion they evoke in us that helps us get past those *issues* and if we do not recognize these things we may just end up having the same relationship over and over with a different pair of pants kind of like Groundhog day...

And what's up with *closure*? Frankly I reckon *closure* is best when self administered. Does one really want to hear their ass was too big? They did not satisfy in bed? That they needed space....I could go on, sometimes people cannot or are not willing to have that conversation with us and IF we try to force the issue what we may end up getting is a longer time period to heal if things that were not meant were said. I know I try to say what I mean and mean what I say but I am human and do not achieve that all of the time. Sometimes I am more tactful that I want to be (if pushed I may not achieve that). Sometimes I do not reveal all of my motivations for a decision or not and sometimes I am not ready to do so..

When someone does not call you, they are telling you something, it may not be that they never want to talk to you, it means they do not want to talk to you now.  But most of the time it's not about YOU, it's their stuff to deal with, you may end up paying for their stuff, or it feels like it, and sometimes calling is not just about calling, it's an admission of guilt, and or having to own their part in your problems etc....

So don't fall into using those flavor of the month words for your expectations and relax and know as my friend says * what's for you, won't pass you by*


# re: what's the word........ @ Friday, February 08, 2008 12:34 AM
Well said!  I personally cringe when I hear the "S" word.  It rattles me because I know that there are many and I do mean many spirits in our lives that touch us and assist us on our spiritual path.  I think that word was created to sell books and that is my personal belief.  I am old enough to remember a time when the word was not in everyone's vocabulary but we were still able to find "perfect" partners in life.  This is great food for thought Joan and thanks for sharing with us.

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