Driving Sideways - Speed vs The End Goal

The radio was on in the car this morning and I wasn't paying any attention, until  "Driving Sideways" from the "Magnolia Soundtrack" by Aimee Mann started to play. Ever since then this song has been stuck in my brain. I can't help but think how well these lyrics apply to a lot of situations in life - especially relationships.

So many times we fall into the trap of  measuring relationship success by how quickly things move, how fast the other person moves towards a commitment, how soon we get to the stage where we can feel secure. But speed is not necessarily an accurate measure of how well things are going, or even where they're going. As Ms Mann says in this song,

"And you will say
 That you're making headway
 And put it in overdrive.
 But you're mistaking speed
 For getting what you need
And never even noticing
You never do arrive.
Cause you're
Driving sideways
If you roll down the window you'll see
You're where you don't belong."

Sometimes, the very best things in life don't arrive as quickly as we wish they would, and the path that leads us there isn't as smooth and easy as we wish it were. But in the end it's the goal that matters, rather than the ease and speed with which we move. So from now on, I'm going try to  remember to sit back, chill out, and sing along with Aimee Mann while I check the sat nav to make sure I'm moving in the right direction.

# re: Driving Sideways @ Friday, September 30, 2011 2:32 PM
Great post & analogy. Patience!
# re: Driving Sideways @ Thursday, December 12, 2013 8:01 PM
songs are so amazingly helpful, and I love Aimee Mann too!
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