Elemental Tarot Spread

If you're a fan of tarot spreads, and are looking for an interesting twist or perspective, here's one I think you will enjoy.  This is a great spread for when you want to examine your question or situation from several different angles. It's most often used for specific questions, but works great in a general reading, as well.

The basis for the Elemental Spread is the concept that each suit in the minor arcana is associated with a different direction on the compass and that each direction is associated with a certain element. See the list directly below:

  • The suit of Pentacles represents the material aspects of the situation. It  corresponds with the direction North and with the element of Earth.
  • The suit of Swords represents your intellect. It corresponds with the direction East and with the element of Air.
  •  The suit of Wands represents your actions. It corresponds with the direction South and with the element of Fire.
  •  The suit of Cups represents your emotions. It corresponds with the direction West and with the element of Water.
How this spread is used:

The entire deck is shuffled and card  #1 is chosen and laid out on the table in front of you. At this point, there are two ways to go. You can either divide the deck according to suit, or you can continue working with the entire deck.  If you decide to separate the deck, shuffle each suit and choose one card from each pile and lay them out in a square around the card  #1 as in the diagram below:


                                        5                1                  3
                        (Cups)                                                               (Swords)


If you decide not to divide the deck, simply shuffle and lay the cards out from 1 to 5 as shown above.

Either way the cards are read in the following order:

2) The material/financial/practical aspects of the question.

3) Your thoughts regarding the question - how you view the situation intellectually.

4) Suggested actions to be taken to bring about the desired result.

5) The emotional aspects of the situation. How you feel about it. 

1) This is the focus card. It gathers all of the four elements together, integrating them into a whole and bringing clarification and light to the situation. 




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