Exercises to Increase Your Self-Esteem

The following list of exercises is taken from one of my all-time favorite books, "Money is My Friend" by Phil Laut.  Self esteem has a huge impact on how we react to the world, as well as how other people react to us. Mr. Laut has this to say about it:

"Whether it is your desire to increase your income, to have better relationships, to master your body, or whatever, the value of increasing your self-esteem cannot be overestimated. Money will not add to your self-esteem, it works the other way around."

Exercises to Increase Your Self-Esteem

1. Buy a personal calendar book and put in it only the things you really want to do.

2. Whenever you have a thought that starts with:
  "I have to...."
  "I ought to..."
  "I need to..."
  "I should..."
  "I'd better..."
change it to
  "I want to..."

3.Give yourself the simple pleasures of life in abundance.
  Take a bath daily.
  Stay in bed all day once a per week.
  Get a massage weekly.

4. Go first class. Make your meal selection in restaurants by choosing what you want to eat without consideration of price. Going first class may take a little practice if lack of money has always been the basis of your financial decisions.

5. Always speak the best of yourself and others and expect others to do the same.

6. Find something you like about everyone that you know and everyone that you meet.

7. Schedule yourself time to think and to write affirmations. This will make it easy to become your own best friend and give up being your own date of last resort."

I've been following the suggestions in this book for several years now and it never ceases to offer new insight and hope for an even better future. The hardest one for me to actually put into practice was #4 - going first class.  It took a bit of doing before I was able to go into a restaurant and order based on how good something sounded, rather than how much it cost. Still working on it, in fact.  But I'm not giving up, and hope you won't either.

I guarantee that approaching this list of exercises with an open mind will give you even more ideas on deepening your self-esteem. Good luck and much prosperity to you!

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