Looking for love online? Frustrated?

Before I begin, I'd like to tell you that I met my husband online, so I have some personal experience in this area.

If you're like many many other people, you have had your fair share of experience on dating sites.  To quote my husband,  "You have tried heapsofhaddock.com, lighter.com, muchograndeflirto.net, meethotchicksonlinehonest.gov, and all of the rest. You have probably even paid good money out to these companies in the hopes of securing someone who shares interests, enjoys your company in the hopes that you will secure love.

Weeeeeeeel. Let me tell you from personal experience, you are just looking for love in all the wrong places. I think that was a song. I'm not too sure and I'm too lazy to wiki it right now.

Unfortunately, he's right.  Dating sites are not necessarily full of honest people sincerely looking for a loving relationship.  Yes, there are wonderful people to be found on dating sites, but these sites are also full of fake profiles, players, scam artists, spam bots, rudeness, bad manners, and heartache.

What are the alternatives, you ask?  I suggest you look into forums, message boards, and online discussion groups on matters that interest you. There are special interest forums dealing with almost every subject under the sun...politics, spirituality, creativity, travel, single parenting, cars, antiques, and so much more.

For example, I met my wonderful husband through a shared love of religion and spirituality. We found ourselves on several of the same forums and were so drawn to one another that we became internet friends and real life pen pals long before we met face to face. It's much easier to get a true picture when the other person is busy being their real self, instead of trying to attract a lover.  By the time my husband and I met in person, I had watched him interact with dozens of other people over a period of time and had a good understanding of the kind of person he truly is.

I hope that you will take this advice into consideration. If you're not ready to give up dating sites altogether, give my suggestion a try and join a few special interest forums, too. You'll be amazed at the difference between the two!

# re: Looking for love online? Frustrated? @ Saturday, January 18, 2014 10:23 PM
That's amazing that you met your husband online! I've spent hours today "editing" my profile on a dating site that I've been on, for TOO long (6-7 months?!?!). I've almost given up but not quiet! Thank you for this blog and my best wishes to you and your husband! <3
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