Suit of Earth & Lasting Achievement

The second suit of the Minor Arcana, Pentacles, aka Disks or Coins, embodies solid achievement in the physical plane. Wands, the suit of fire, = conception; while Pentacles, the suit of earth, = consolidation and preservation. I was pleased to see that this progression from creation/conception to practicality/acquisition is so clearly presented in the Nine of Coins from the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot. See how the little guy with stars in his eyes has turned his passion for music into hard cash money?

Pentacles is linked with the earth signs of the Zodiac - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, and it embodies the practicality, sensuality, and connection with the earth of these three signs.  Like Wands, Pentacles is an objective suit, whose cards tend to represent material objects, events and circumstances. It deals with the tangible, rather than the intangible.

In her book, "The Renaissance Tarot - Legends of the Past Now Reveal the Future",  Jane Lyle says this about the suit of Pentacles:

"The suit of Pentacles as a whole, and when predominating in a spread, represents these spheres of life:
  • Physical reality, the five sense and their associated pleasures.
  • Worldly concerns of all kinds  - money, earnings, property symbolizing the home or a long-term investment (as opposed to speculative property ventures ruled by Wands.) Daily routine work, physical work for gain or pleasure, such as gardening, decorating, cleaning, and so on. Individual status, whether within a relationship, family group, business, or community. All issues involving practical commitments, whatever their nature.
  • A salty, realistic wisdom born of experience. To preserve what has been gained, to consolidate matters and to support with the enduring love of all earth goddesses is the domain of this sensual suit. "

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Amazing insight!  Thank You!
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