Tarot of the White Cat - A Review

I love this deck! My sister, who also reads here on keen as Love Angel Tarot, came to visit last October. We were relaxing in my favorite coffee shop when my husband walked in with several miniature sized decks of the Tarot of the White Cat by Lo Scarabeo and Severino Baraldi. He'd stopped at a little gift shop on his way to the coffee house and thought we might like these mini decks for our purses.

He was right....this deck has a permanent home in my handbag. It's so handy for those times when someone needs a reading right then and there. The artwork is gorgeous and I find the symbolism easy to understand and relate to. I'm also super impressed with the quality of the printing and very sturdy card stock. They fit easily in the palm of my hand, too. My only caveat is that they're very slippery at first.

The Tarot of the White Cat comes with a booklet printed in five languages. You might need to whip out your reading glasses, but it's very well worth it. It includes a new tarot spread called The Cat's Eye, and gives a very short and sweet meaning for each card. These meanings are quite different from some of the more traditional decks. I'm always searching for new insight into the cards and also for new ways to express card meanings, so this was a welcome discovery. The deck was designed to be read without reversals so there are no reversed definitions for the cards.

All in all, I give this deck a huge thumbs up and am looking forward to trying it's sister deck - The Tarot of the Black Cat.

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