The Aquarian Tarot Deck - A Review

Isn't this a beautiful deck? It's the Aquarian Tarot by David Palladini, and it combines medieval imagery with both the art deco & art nouveau styles of painting.  The style reminds me of the old Oz books when I was a kid. This was the very first working deck I ever bought and I've used them so much that I'm on my third set of these cards.

The imagery Palladini uses is rich in texture and design, and the colors are soft and subtle. The cards are a good size, easy to shuffle, and they're very sturdy. Best of all, the artwork resonates for me - it makes sense to me when I'm reading with this deck. So if you're looking for a peaceful, serenely hued, high quality tarot deck, I highly recommend the Aquarian Tarot.

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