The Renaissance Tarot: Legends of the Past Now Reveal the Future


If  someone passed a law mandating that each student of the tarot could own one (and only one) tarot book, this is the book I would choose. I love The Renaissance Tarot because the information it offers is presented in a positive, clear, and easy to understand manner.

Each card is assigned a few key words to help you get a quick grasp of it's essential meaning. When I was preparing to read professionally, I wrote these key words directly on my practice deck as a reminder to myself. That proved to be one of the best learning tools e

In addition to these key words, Ms Lyle provides two interpretations of each card - a shorter version and a remarkably in-depth version. She delves into the relationship of each card in the areas of career, romance, energy, etc., and she does it in such a positive and uplifting manner that it's a joy to read. Nothing is sugar-coated, instead, the information is presented in the most positive way possible without losing sight of the essence of the card.

The author provides a wheel that shows how each card in the major arcana is paired with another, and how they work together. There is a section on each suit that explains the overall energy of the cards in that suit and how they relate to one another. She also explains the numerology of the tarot, offers a system to use for timing. And so much more.

I generally refer to this book several times a week, and in the 17 years that reading the cards has been my full-time work, I've worn out four copies and recently purchased another. I can't recommend it highly enough.

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I love this book also!
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