Truth in Advertising - How to Attract the Right Lover

Are you ready to attract the right lover? A true and understanding friend? Maybe you're looking for a mentor or teacher? Whatever kind of person you're trying to bring into your life, your true self is the most valuable asset you possess for finding others.  The best way to find the right person, or people, is to advertise who and what you really are! 

In 2003, someone handed me a list of 22 things about myself that he felt I needed to change in order for him to be happy with me. This list included my hair color, my spiritual beliefs, my "crazy" friends,  my likes and dislikes, the things that make me angry, the things that please me, my habits and work ethics, and on and on. Once I recovered from the shock of this list, I realized what a helpful thing he had done for me. Through the eyes of the list maker, I'd been given a very clear look at the things I most like about myself - the things that most define me.

Luckily, I had just started reading a book by a man named Harry Browne, in which he demonstrates exactly how to attract the kind of people we want and need into our lives. This book is called "How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World" and I just happened to be reading a chapter called "Finding Others."  Thanks to Harry Browne, a light bulb went on over my head and I realized that the man in question honestly didn't like the real me and was trying to change me in order to hold on to his relationship with the person he had thought I was.

Using the list he had given me, I began to put the principle of truth in advertising into action. I came out of the broom closet, started dressing in a manner that reflects my true nature, and was very honest about the kind of person I really am. And it works!  Some of the people I used to hang with have drifted away, but new people have come into my life, and these are people whose company I enjoy. People who enjoy being around me in return. Including my dear husband.

Here are a few tidbits from Harry Browne's book to help you get started on your own campaign to attract the right people into your life:

  • The best way to find compatible people is to advertise who you really are. Not by running an ad in a newspaper, but by being honest about who you are.
  •  No matter where you go, you never know if someone you're seeking might see you. What a shame it would be if that person passed you by because you didn't reveal the qualities that you and he/she admire most.
  • To reveal those qualities, you have to be willing to seek the disapproval of those you aren't seeking! It takes courage to overcome the embarrassment, self-consciousness, and even ridicule that might result from honest exposure of your nature - at first.  But that shouldn't last long; soon, you'll form associations that are far more rewarding than what you've tolerated in the past.
  • Good advertising isn't flashy or imposing. Simply learn to reveal your qualities as they are appropriate in the situation.
  • Your best prospects will respond when they see in you something they want that hasn't been available before. So advertise what  makes you unique and what is most important to you.

There's no one in the world exactly like you. And when you find the person who wants you for what you are, your position is as secure as you could ever hope for. When you find the lover who's been looking for you, you won't need to restrict competition in any way because no one else will be able to provide what that person needs the most.

# re: Truth in Advertising - How to Attract the Right Lover @ Monday, June 09, 2008 5:02 AM
I've always loved you for who you are and always will. You are a wonderful person and I love you always!
# re: Truth in Advertising - How to Attract the Right Lover @ Wednesday, February 11, 2009 10:14 AM
I missed this comment until right now. :(
I love you,too, Rhea! And I always will.
# re: Truth in Advertising - How to Attract the Right Lover @ Monday, March 09, 2015 11:24 AM
yes indeed, and I will pick up this book-the key is to be yourself, message received, now to get this in my spirit. Kiki1
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