Wands, Suit of Fire & Visionary Energy

 "As the first suit of the Minor Arcana, the suit of Wands begins the sequence of fifty-six cards with a burst of fiery, visionary energy" - Jane Lyle -

I confess! The suit of Wands and I have been at odds in the past.  It didn't resonate with me the way the other suits did, and I would find myself stumbling a tiny bit whenever a Wand appeared in a reading.  Until, that is, I picked up the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot deck and noticed that the Wands were literally on fire.

Fire! That was the key, and the Wands suddenly made complete sense. Everything clicked into place, and the Wands and I have been great friends ever since. The cards of the suit of Wands are linked to the fire signs of the Zodiac (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and to the direction South. These cards are bold; they're on fire with creative inspiration, optimism and ambition. Their glow is illuminating and their warmth is impossible to resist.


Look at this card - it's the Eight of Wands from the Coleman Smith Tarot. The Eight of Wands signifies rapid change and progress towards one's goals, and I think the image on this particular card portrays that beautifully. They almost look like shooting stars.

Individual cards within this suit have their own specific meanings, but the Wands as a whole govern several particular spheres of activity. In her book, "Renaissance Tarot - Legends of the Past Now Reveal the Future", Jane Lyle writes:

"When Wands predominate in a spread it will tend to  focus on the following:

  • Travel, whether mental, physical or spiritual - this embraces exploring all terrains: intellectual adventures, holidays and traveling, spiritual inner voyages and leaps of imagination.
  • All deals, negotiations and speculations are ruled by Wands, which have a particular affinity with property, publishing, entertainment and innovative enterprises.
  • Career, as defined by dreams, visions, wishes and life direction, is also governed by Wands. This is defined in terms of broad concepts such as service to others, self-expression, risk-taking, inventiveness and so on. Such concepts identify the compelling theme of someone's life pattern rather than spell out the details of daily routine."

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Wow!  I like this description a lot. It puts things in perspective when comparing wands with other suits.
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