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For some, the last year is finally over. Happy New Year begins with great anticipation for this group, as they merrily dance their way through the months ahead. This cheerful group will enjoy learning fun, new techniques for discovering excitement, dazzling treasures and happy blessings along their life path throughout this entire year.


Others, who may be holding onto a specific area (or time) of their life map (usually from the last year), but maybe even years (or decades) past: smile! You can truly enjoy this year of freedom! Your path will be littered with many opportunities to move on, forgive, be forgiven, and in some cases, a “redo” will be provided. Power over old emotions, feelings, mistakes and habits is this year’s theme! This is a great year to initiate positivity in your life!


Whomever you are, whatever your birth sign, etc., you should expect dramatic changes all year. If you’ve made a New’s Year’s resolution, then you’re sure to meet your goal; diligence along with the added energy of the astrological power boost in the months ahead should have you celebrating your victory well before the next year. You’ll also find that staying focused is easier when you’re able to relax.



You may feel some anxiety early in this new year which will be easily overcome with some reorganizing. Try clearing clutter from closets, drawers, expenses and relationships. Just a tiny bit of housekeeping in any area of your life that stresses you, will put you back on track. Communication, change and progress are your themes this year.



If you’re feeling some excitement in your belly, it just may be butterflies! Many bulls will see success in several life areas, namely financial. Some of you will be revisited by the past, but in a much healthier way this time around; you’ve already grown spiritually and emotionally these past few years… it’s time to lay down any heavy baggage you are still carrying and allow your arms to easily open and embrace love. Lugging around baggage will only hold you back, so let it go; this is your year to move forward and enjoy!



Relationships will provide the stability needed during this year of change… and for you twins, several areas of your life will be impacted by the merry-go-round energy this year. Most of you will feel an emotional deepening (on a completely new dimension) in your closest love relationship, which should also help you shoulder any irritations concerning relatives, finances or health. Use the energy of this new year to make positive changes to yourSELF.



You’re normally pretty intuitive, so no one would be surprised if you already “knew” that your senses will become progressively sharper as this year progresses (especially with persons who strongly affect your emotions). Pay close attention to your dreams (both night and day) and “feelings”. It’s the perfect year for Crabs to start a journal documenting their thoughts, feelings, activities, conversations, etc. as most of you are already noticing that your psychic ability (and reach) is increasing. Many of you are in for an amazing year career-wise!



This is truly a shiny new year for you lions! You like to do big things, in a big way and this year provides a boost that showcases your past (and present) dedication and devotion. Do your best to keep any jealousies (yours or others) in check and you may expect to accomplish much more than usual as your energy and optimism will then inspire others to place their confidence in your abilities. 



Advancement in career and finances will seem almost too easy to achieve this year, but honestly, it should be yours; you’ll be receiving a pretty nice boost to the blessings you’ve earned. Many of you will see a dramatic increase in funds, but beware of carelessness… keep in mind that fools and money spend little time together. 



Declarations of love and romanticism abound this year for those born under this sign. Many of you will successfully engage in life-long declarations of commitment and/or marriage this year. Those of you in business for themselves should see an impressive growth. Try not to be lured into any arguments this year; smile more and let the knuckleheads wonder why. 



Health improves with changes to diet and increased activity. This is a great year for getting your mind and body in shape! You’ll find there’s more than enough energy to push you forward, helping you achieve your goals. As if that’s not enough to ensure a happy year, most scorpions will see a financial increase, either earned or by windfall… and a few of you will receive both!



This is a year of surprises, mostly pleasant. It’s important not to engage in arguments or strong disagreements with family members, as YOU may be feeling a bit emotional, oversensitive and argumentative at times throughout this year. Self-control is the theme for you archers and a useful tool for keeping all the wonderful blessings that may be bestowed upon you in the upcoming months.



Steadfast, hard-working goats will fare very, very well this year, especially in matters related to earned income. Plenty of you will see the final six months of the year bringing monetary gain along with serious improvements in love relationships. This is your year of super creativity and prosperity, and that alone proves that for many of you, this is going to be a very exciting year!



Small tweaks and minor changes will yield positively dramatic results in all areas of life for you over the year ahead. Most of you will beautify your homes, which may also lead to increased income as many of you will begin to work from home. This is your year of tinkering with plain old “good” and creating “PERFECT, for you”. Your theme this year is about developing closeness in your important relationships; opening up (even when it’s scary), may be the glue that keeps you bonded. A great many of you will have the opportunity to visit a place you’ve been wishing on!



Family sees a new member for many of you (and new acquisitions). Property increases as do finances. You will have lucky breaks throughout this year, in pretty much every area of your life… make the most of them! A great number of fish will see an unexpected financial gain of some size this year, use it wisely, as the universe will provide the energy you need as you’re showered with myriad opportunities!

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These are absolutely great!!  One of my favorite specials and the Reader is really special, too!  You'll love it! If your smile has been missing for some time. .. it will find itself here :)
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(1) when will me and my ex "F" get back

(2) when will I see him again

(3) was he reading those emails and text messages that I have been sending him

(4) Does he think about me like I think about him

(5) does he love me

(6) where in the world is he now

(7) is he dating anyone

(8) when will my finances get right

(9) when will I get a better paying job

(10) how long will I stay on my current job
# re: Horoscope for Today @ Tuesday, November 27, 2012 5:33 AM
you are amazing in your contributions here.
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Thank you Julialynn, it's so nice of you to notice  :) I'm sending you so minutes for a free readingso check your mail.

Thank you Julialynn
Gabriel  ^i^
# re: Horoscope for Today @ Wednesday, November 28, 2012 6:27 PM
I'm a sagittarius and I m inspired by this horscope message. Thanks. Look forward to reading more. Do u write this daily..
# re: Horoscope for Today @ Thursday, November 29, 2012 2:51 AM
Thank you jazzyv, and yes, they are written daily.  Have you also read your horoscopes for the week, month and year?  You can see them all if you look to the RIGHT of this page.  There is a list of all of the categories of my blog.  Look for HOROSCOPES and click on that link.  I'm happy your are inspired by my blog.  Thank you again, jazzyv! ^i^

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