Chat option on keen

I am so happy to be able to offer chat to my clients! Chat really helps give clients the best psychic experience available. If you are around family, friends, at work, and you need quick answers, chat is a great option! If you are feeling upset, if you want to be able to look over the chat later,  or just don't feel like talking on the phone, chat is the option for you!

One of the reasons I love chat, is that I can shuffle while you type out your question, and give you fast answers. I pride myself in my ability to type quickly, and clearly to help you get the answers you need as soon as possibly.

While I do love chat, I do ask that you type out your questions one at a time, so your reading can go faster, and save you money. As always, I remain non-judgmental of your situations, and your questions, and focus on giving you the answers and insight you need.

I look forward to many more chats with my clients, and future clients  :)

Many Blessings

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