How I do my readings & what to expect.
I wanted to do a blog to explain how I do my readings, and what to expect during the process. I do my phone, email, and chat readings all the same way.

Before I log onto Keen I always take a few minutes to meditate and clear my mind, this starts my workday off in a positive and healthy mindset.

When I receive a call or chat, I always will start off with a “Hello” and ask how I can help you.

I do not require birth dates, but they are welcomed. I will ask your name and the name of any people involved in the reading. If you are uncomfortable giving me the persons name, you can use initials or a nickname you have for the person.

You are not required to give me any details or backstory, however, it is easier for me to describe what I’m seeing in more detail if I understand the situation. As always, I want you to feel comfortable with what you share.

I always shuffle while you speak/type, and I may flip cards while you talk in order to gain some insight and details into the situation.

When you have asked a question, I will give you the answer. I may word the question differently in order to make it more clear. I may also explain why I get the answer I am seeing, sometimes a card name, or a brief description of the combination of cards that led me to the answer.

If you asked a timing question, please understand that timing is incredibly difficult to predict. If I get a clear number or timeframe I will always tell you. If I don’t get a clear number or timeframe, I won’t push for one as it likely won’t be as accurate. I wish I knew 100% why timing is so difficult, but I don’t. If I had to give a reason, I would say it’s because there are many paths you can take to get to the same place.

I am happy to explain any of the cards or spreads I am using, just know this may take more time.

Usually, this process is pretty fast. I pride myself in the ability to not only shuffle and speak fast but to type quickly as well. How long you talk, and what you choose to ask is your decision. I am happy to do long, and short readings. You will always get the same attention and care, no matter how long the reading.

I will never do medical, legal, or lottery questions. This includes asking about pregnancy, paternity, and court outcomes. I also won’t ask about pet health, please if your pet is sick visit a veterinarian.At my own discretion, I may feel uncomfortable with certain questions. If I have told you I will not answer that question, please do not push. No matter how you word it, I still won’t answer these questions. It’s better to not waste your time trying to get an answer I won’t give you.

I have been reading for a long time, I know my limits and how to separate my feelings and emotions from yours, I know how to clear my energy. Because of this, it’s easy for me to give many readings in a row. After a long reading, I may take another meditation break. Feel free to put me on callback!

I am always happy to answer any questions about what I see, how I conduct my readings, and what to expect.

Some tips:

Before you call or chat:

1. If you are feeling some high emotions, take a moment to take some deep breaths or meditate. It’s never fun to feel upset, but it happens. I can feel when you’re upset, and It can make it difficult for me to concentrate.

2. Find a quiet space to get your reading. This is your reading, you deserve to have some quiet time during it.

3. Have some questions ready. It’s fine if you want to see where the reading takes us, it’s always a good idea to make sure your important questions get answered along the way.

During the call or chat:

1. Speak clearly and kindly. I understand when emotions are high it’s easy to get frustrated. I will always speak to you with kindness and respect, please do the same for me.

2. Don’t worry about any spelling mistakes during chat. I understand when we’re trying to type quickly technology doesn’t always make it easy, I won’t judge you.

3. Don’t worry about asking me how I am doing, this is about you! I will answer if you ask, but let’s keep it simple.

4. Have a notepad ready if you want to remember the reading more clearly. I will never get upset if you take notes.

5. Have fun! I am here to help you and give you answers. I also understand that sometimes the answers are funny or unusual. It’s alright to laugh, or even joke.

After the reading:

1. Take a few moments to reflect on how you feel. Readings can bring up a lot of emotions. You may feel a wide array of complex emotions, take a moment to truly feel them and accept those feelings for what they are.

2. Have a great day! After our reading, make sure you get back to your daily life. It’s fun and insightful to get a reading, but it can’t be with us the whole day.

3. Leave feedback only if you want. I do not require feedback to be left. It is nice to hear how I can do better, or what I did great. Check out the feedback policy before you leave it, feedback should only be left for that specific reading. Any technical problems should be reported to Keen, and not left on feedback for an advisor.

I look forward to talking with you soon!
Many Blessings
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