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God Is The Source of My Supply

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 "God Is The Source of My Supply."

Usually I meditate on that statement when I have a concern about income or security. Today it came up out of the blue when my thoughts were elsewhere and it definitely got my attention.

What does God Is The Source of My Supply really mean? Does it mean that I don't have to do anything to receive what I need to sustain me? Does it mean that God will do it for me? How do I integrate this into my daily life and survive on the planet?

On the earth plane our lives appear to be run by our financial system. We work to support ourselves. We need money to live and we need more money to live our dreams. I do know that for most of us it does feel like it is a vicious cycle.

Then we have our present economic situation that is increasing the pressure for many. What is the answer? 

The following is from Joel Goldsmith, the founder of the Infiinite Way Teaching.

"Please Work for My Supply"

"Often in my mail I have requests such as: "Please work for my supply." Let us stay with the subject of supply for a moment. I understand what is meant by the request because in metaphysics the request is legitimate, but remember that it is based on the belief that "supply is out here" and that my work will start it rolling. How then does one say to that individual, "I cannot work for your supply because you already have an infinity. I know why you asked the question - you thought money was supply so you used the word supply as a synonym for money. What you really meant was money, but money is not supply." How does one say that to a person?

"All the money in the world cannot be used as food - even gold mines cannot be eaten. No, money is not supply except in the human three dimensional world, and even then it is 'here today and gone tomorrow.'' We are not dealing with money as supply. We are dealing with CONSCIOUSNESS as supply; we are dealing with love as supply, gratitude as supply, benevolence as supply. HOW then can one 'work' for someone to have them?"

Passage taken from Joel's Honolulu Hotel Talk, September 7, 1963

By meditating and contemplating this it has and is helping me to shift my attention to thinking outside the box. This is allowing more and more unlimited and infinite thinking to integrate and the results of that do appear in my life.

Is it easy to change old fear-based patterns? No! Is it worth the effort and focus? Yes!

The present energy on the planet is giving us an opportunity to look at this area of our lives with a refined sense of clarity and intention.  There is definitely a plethora of teachers and teachings to choose from when we are in need of further understanding.  It is always easier to make changes in our consciousness when we have expanded spiritual truth to refer to.If you are in of need resources and references please check my blog entry entitled "Resource List" or contact me directly.

Blessings Always, iriana

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