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Sea (See) Level
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Sea Level

Iyanla Vanzant

Ms Vanzant is the founder of Inner Visions Institute of Spiritual Life Devleopment in Silver Spring Md

Scientifically, sea level is the measurement of the average daily high and low tides at a particular location; these tides can, and do change regularly in response to conditions such as wind and currents. Sea level becomes the reference point from which possibilities for safe and effective movement are measured. And, while there may be an inclination to base our dreams and desires on what can be seen tangibly, metaphysically, see level refers to inner vision.

With inner vision you have an internal reference mechanism that remains unaffected by the weather or the circumstances that cause waves of disturbance in the tides of your life. Your see level reflects a solid belief system grounded in unwavering faith. In essence, what you see is a reflection of you. What you are able to see becomes a function of how high your are willing to rise in response to how deeply you are able to trust God.

Living on a spiritual path means that your see level springs forth from your center, the principles in which you are grounded. If you are not well grounded, chances are you cannot see and will live at the mercy of any storm that blows through. The issue is how can you get grounded and stay afloat? How do you weather the winds and storms without losing your vision? The simple answer is to have a solid, daily spiritual practice.
The more difficult challange is to stop measuring who and where you are in response to what is going on around you. Focus on the vision, not the weather. The number of ships passing by and the weather is not your concern. These are distractions. What are you looking for? What are you looking with?What do you see within yourself? These are the real questions and they are the only ones that will impact and effect the sea on which you travel.

Science of the Mind
, September 2007
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