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Synchronicity In Action Once Again

Once again I have to report a synchronistic event that has taken place in my life recently.

As many of you may know i have books practically hit me on the head when I need to read them. Once a book that had a profound affect on my healing and opening up, literally did fall off the shelf in a bookstore and graze the side of my head. My friend had just come back from a seminar and was raving about this teacher/teaching. It caught my attention and I was intrigued but not in anyway prepared to attend a workshop in another state that was way out of my financial range. I had no idea there was a book Channeled by that energy and it was the one that fell off the shelf. It was fairly expensive and at the time I was going through one of my lean spells and couldn't buy it on the spot. Went home and talked with another friend who was intrigued and he went with me and bought it and gave it to to read first. It was the beginning of the opening of the doorway to freedom for me. That was probably in the mid to late 1980's.

Later on in the 1990's I was meeting a lot of people who were focused on "Lightworkers" being saved and lifted off the Planet by spaceships that would come down at designated locations and "save us" from the oncoming earth changes. I kept asking guidance if i needed to prepare for this and was not getting clear answers. Was in the library looking for something to read in the Metaphysical section. There was a book that spoke of these professional people somewhere in the midwest who were gathering once a week and getting the message to let go of all their belongings, jobs, etc. They were told when and where to go and that they would be picked up and taken to another safe planet. They were intelligent successful teachers, realtors, doctors, lawyers, etc. At the appointed times and dates they went out to the area and waited for their contacts. This went on for months, maybe longer, my memory is a bit sketchy. Finally the gave up and realized that they had gotten caught up in a story that was being triggered by their group consciousness .

"There was my answer."

I released the whole piece about spaceships and being saved. We are still here and intact at least 20 years later. No one else that I know or have mentioned that book to has ever heard of it or read it. My guides do have strange ways of getting my attention.

Recently I have been asking for a book or something that would support me through what seems to be another transition.Found "Falling into the Face of God" Forty Days and Nights in the Judean Desert by William L. Elliott.

I have no desire, nor am I led to go out into the Judean Desert, but as I read this book, realize that this man was experiencing almost exactly what I am in this present time. This book is exactly what I needed. My guides and angels always lead me to the right teacher, teaching or healing tool without fail.

I encourage you to listen to your guidance and TRUST what you see and hear. They never fail us.


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