* INSIGHTFUL OPEN CHANNEL I SEE, HEAR, and FEEL your Collective Consciousness Allowing me to OPEN DOORS into the INTUITIVE REALM I am able to OPEN THE ENERGETIC GATEWAY...
Tuning In....Balancing your Frequency....Letting Go....Feel Your Astral Self Rise.....

Free Your Mind

Energy Expands and Contracts

Joy, Love, Gratitude, and Play Time

Yes!!! These are keys to Changing and Balancing Your Frequency

Thoughts Become Reality

DREAMS Teach us

Our Imaginations Are A Gift Use Them to Create Your Perfect Life

All That is Good All That Makes You Feel Love and Joy Think on These Things

Send That Energy Out to the World Each One of Us Creates a Shift in the Vibration of Mankind....

Energy Does Have a Conscience

Peace First Always

Hippie Chick

Dreams are an Extension of our Waking Life We Never Stop Learning, our Brains Do Not Shut Off during Sleep instead We Venture into the Slipstream, that is the Viaduct between your Dreams where you Learn and Heal...
# re: Why we Dream and What do our Dreams Mean? @ Thursday, May 24, 2018 3:51 PM
Yes all true...I have learned a lot about me from dreams
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