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Recovering from PTSD
Many of us have some PTSD and do not even know it. I know that even having someone listen to your story will help you heal. I will listen, I will also be able to see the bigger picture of your healing that is going on and what needs to be done for you to heal. Sometimes it is as simple as taking more time for you , writing and being kind to You. We are often in too much of a hurry and have way too many distractions. Try this, for your health and healing: Shut off all your devices and gadgets, wifi, as much as you can today. Turn off the cell phone , get off the internet. The reasons are manifold. The radiation is not good for us, pure and simple. It can cause cancer. The other reason is that we are not focusing on the day at hand. Our own life will improve, try it with me. I am starting to do this more and more. I use a land line, you might want to consider getting one also. See what healing you can do by getting back in nature, making yourself nice healthy food, clearing out your home,, all these things are very therapeutic. Writing, telling your story, I hear you and believe you and send you love. You were a small baby and are growing now, sometimes we have to revisit our earlier days and just ponder and let that moment be felt , as it was a shock back then and we did not really process it wellImage result for cute horse, white background, images unconditional love
# re: Recovering from PTSD @ Thursday, January 08, 2015 12:07 PM
Excellent advice.
# re: Recovering from PTSD @ Monday, January 12, 2015 7:48 AM
Yes, James, .. So many people suffer and do not realize that it does not have to be this way. Taking time to heal is possible. Thanks for the comment.
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