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5 steps to being happy!

1. Practice random acts of kindness.  Try to perform 5 a day!

2. Write a  Gratitude letter.  Go ahead, just a simple thank you note to someone who did something special for you!

3. Volunteer.  Anything that you can do, even opening a door for someone!

4. Count your blessings. Keeping a grateful journal will boost your happiness.

5. Imagine a positive future. Wow this one is awesome, imagining for instance that this spring is the season that you will finally work on that big project! That you will relax about all the stressful "what ifs", that you will give yourself more slack !

These things will increase your sense of well being, try it and see!

Psychic readings are great also because it is like someone seeing your life from another angle. Then you can choose to use that info to make new choices  or care for yourself in new ways.Image result for butterfly painting, getty free

# re: 5 steps to being happy! @ Friday, July 03, 2015 2:19 PM
I just love this short list of 5 steps to being happier! I went and bought a few 25 cent post cards and wrote some thank you notes and mailed them this week! It was a great feeling!
I also went out of my way to get and give a couple of hugs!( Hard to always decide who is getting and giving when hugs are as great as they are huh?)

Happiness is just around the corner sometimes!
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