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Blessed Solanus Casey, prayer intentions

Dear one,

I am so grateful for this news. I have been praying to Father Solanus Casey for many years when I needed healing . I have been helped and others I know have been healed and helped.

Yesterday Fr Casey was beatified . There was a Mass said celebrating his beatification in Detroit MI yesterday . 60,000 people attended this celebration.

He is now one step away from becoming a Saint in the Catholic Church. I am a practicing Catholic and respect your path. But I am going to be praying more to Blessed Solanus Casey in the coming weeks. I have made a long list of prayer requests with my family and wanted to reach out and ask if any of you want to pray with us.

I will write your prayer requests on my list and pray nightly with my family. If these prayers are answered and you receive a miracle, I will help you in how to detail your healing to the website where these healings are brought into consideration for the canonization of Blessed Solanus Casey.

I will be sending little stories about how Blessed Solanus Casey has been interceding for people, and some have received miracle healing.

God loves us very much, I want you all to feel encouraged. Of course... we may not always get our prayers answered exactly as we wish but it is what God wills for us.

Send me any prayer intentions any time!  You may also post your intentions in the comment section on my blog post. Here is  a photo of Blessed Solanus Casey

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