Welcome to Jeekers17's blog! She is a very intuitive compassionate psychic. She prays for Guidance and can bring you helpful insight today. This blog has a few special entries that she has been guided to post on Keen.
Can we be free?

As a psychic, I get a lot of calls from people that realize their relationships are difficult... and many are codependent. What to do to start breaking out of that pattern? I can help.

Q: “Why do I keep getting into codependent relationships? I’m now wondering whether it is possible for me ever to break free and stay free.”

When two people are in a codependent relationship, each has a history of feeling both abandoned and controlled. First, recognize how afraid you are of being abandoned, and then realize how you resent being controlled. Your relationship is intense and unstable, full of conflict and chaos, with repeated cycles of “come close” and “go away.” You are caught in the destructive ups and downs of codependency and feel that you cannot get off the unrelenting roller coaster. But this is not true, because . . .

“With God all things are possible.”

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