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Do you have a narcissist in your life?
I have a lot of callers that have difficult bosses, difficult people in their lives... Many of these people have a personality that is one of those " My way or the Highway" type things.
They have No empathy. What does this mean for you if you are married to one? If you work with one?
It is not easy at all.
You can try to please them, spend much energy doing things with and for them only to get maligned when you want to focus on other things in your life.
It is normal to want to focus on other things, free up time for others.. as we live our lives. But these narcissists do not agree with that.
They are like a spoiled child.
If you are with one of these  types, I can help you recognize it ..
and process what it means.
It is Not  easy. It is like a grieving process  as we lose the image of what we THOUGHT the relationship was all about.
When we realize we were nothing but energy supply to this person... or one of their little " cult/ clique" members... until we want to make a new choice for our life...
When we realize that we have to stop all association with that person, it is shocking at times. They treat people as if people serve them.
Like their so called friends are their computer or their refrigerator.
To serve only them.
And when you choose to move on to new things , they rage and malign and dump.
This state will eventually pass if you ignore it.
Block them, don't answer their texts, remove them from your social life .
Eventually you may need to delete mutual friends as well.
It is a process and each step of the way you will realize other doors are opening for you as you take your life back.
You will start to feel great!
Don't let this stop you from exercising, eating right, being happy.
Don't let their jealousy make you lower your light.
Keep shining YOUR LIGHT as bright as you can!

Do use your talent and gifts, Do think for yourself.
Do pray for that person but MOVE ON.
If you are married to one and feel scared to make a decision, remember it is a process and only you know what is best for you.
I can, as a psychic, help you see your options and the best path.
If you work with someone that is like this, please remember that you have options.
You can endure this, Challenge them.. or simply WALK AWAY!
Please do not let anyone stop you from Shining your Light! here is one of my favorite songs that I play when I feel down and bullied by naysayers.

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