Welcome to Jeekers17's blog! She is a very intuitive compassionate psychic. She prays for Guidance and can bring you helpful insight today. This blog has a few special entries that she has been guided to post on Keen.
Happy Thanksgiving
Image result for cute turkey flowers accordion decor and thanksgiving picture, freeHi and Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I know that sometimes we just need to talk, or have an outside look at our situations. I am 58 years old... Born and raised in California... lived in various parts of the USA and Canada... My parents were from Canada ( my dad) and England and Ireland( My mother) So if you feel my experience as a mother, grandmother... artist, living through these decades- might be a person that you would like to try a reading with, call me!
I do enjoy my work on Keen very much and am here full time so I always read my keen mail. I have some callers that just write now and then to stay in touch and I really love that. Readings are my specialty. I do enjoy getting to know my callers and being here for them . Occasionally I do the chat on keen, so if you prefer chat.. let me know.
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