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How important is talent?
How do we develop our talents?
How to do this and also remain balanced?
I have known people who sacrifice their artistic talent, ( give up playing music, making art etc) because of a selfish person in their life, fear of being alone etc.

In life, our concern for others must not take on a form of masochism or self-defilement; in all of our charity to others we must never relinquish the responsibility of developing our talents to the fullest, so that we can serve Christ effectively and joyfully, in pure love.

Finally, although “placing others first” runs counter to natural self-preservation, the spiritual point is that, if we really trust in God, not only can we stop competing with others to satisfy our pride but also we can endeavor to notice the needs of others, looking on others with compassion, in the hope that they might be saved from damnation because of their own desperate obsession with self-preservation.
Keep your talent alive in small ways, and keep doing what you love.
The main thing is to bring yourself joy, so you can share this.
If you are able to make a living with your talent, you have joy and end up doing what you love.

If you have sacrificed for someone else... start small... I am here to encourage you and for you to keep a balance while you are creating a life of joy!
Saint John Paul 2 says creating art is an obligation. Did he really say that? Yes he did.
To uplift people is a wonderful thing.
Praying for you.
# re: How important is talent? @ Friday, March 09, 2018 2:19 PM
Very NIce, we all need to develop and use our talents more. Make time for the fun in life and stop worrying about what we cannot control!
# re: How important is talent? @ Saturday, March 10, 2018 10:05 AM
Yeah,  Hi Renee, even stuff like singing in the car or singing along to You tube is so healthy!
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