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Perfect Job Exercise

This is a powerful exercise, I sent it to many callers over the years. It really does bring the perfect job to you. Print this out and go somewhere with a view, sit and write. You will see changes, let me know what develops!

Ingredients of _____Your name) ____________   Perfect Job
                                                          Date ______
This is a really fun exercise.  You can truly create your perfect job!
 You are the only person with your spirit, your personality and
unique set of talents.  The job doesn't have to already exist – you
can create it now.  This is magical!  It draws the job to you.
Instead of sending resumes for the same old job that you've been
doing, you are creating a job for the person that you are today!  It's
an extremely powerful exercise and it's been proven over and over
again that it works, by the many testimonials I constantly receive by
email, personal conversations and voice mails.   The more enthusiasm
you put into doing the exercise, the quicker it works!  After you do
the exercise, follow up by being courageous in seeking your perfect
job, listen to your intuition and watch miracles start to happen!
Some helpful questions to ask yourself each day that will lead you in
the right direction are:  "What would my soul LOVE to do today?  If I
had no fear, what would I do today?"   Let me know how it
works for you.  I'd love to hear from you.

Take out a pen and write out the ingredients of your perfect
job.  Use this outline as a format.   Writing it down creates a
"preview of coming events"!

My Perfect Job

Salary  or Income $______________Per year   (+ Bonus, Incentive,
Commissions, Referral Fees, Residuals, Royalties)

Medical & Dental Benefits

Savings Plans – i.e. – 401K, etc.

Company and Boss are dynamic and have integrity.

Enthusiasm for product or service– (An example here could be:  I'm selling a
product I believe in.)

Location – (i.e. – Half time home office/Half time company office)

Vacation Time (i.e. , 3 weeks vacation per year)

How many work days a week (i.e.,  4 day work-week)

Ideal office environment  (lots of greenery, great view, fountains, etc.)

Local, domestic and/or international travel

Using my creativity, opportunity for growth and advancement

Job uses my experience in_________________

(List your talents and things you'd  LOVE to do here)

For example, "I use my organizational skills, I use my creativity, I
use my computer skills, I counsel people and help them find direction,
I use my sales ability, I use my people-skills, I use my knowledge of
advertising, I use my artistic ability, etc. "

-Now – Be a little crazy!– list some things that you'd almost PAY to
do here!  What would your soul LOVE to do?  Don't judge what you've
written, just let it flow – it's a process and things you write here,
you could cross off tomorrow, but just be creative and have fun with

(One girl wrote "job involves hot air ballooning in the Loire Valley
of France" and got a job involving just that!)
Higher Purpose

.  (Example here could
be "Be a positive influence on people's lives" or whatever legacy it
is that you'd like to leave.)



How do you see yourself on your ideal work day?  What are you wearing?
 Who are you meeting with, what are you doing?  Put  emotion into it!
Put your higher purpose into it.
(Example:  Be specific – i.e.  You're wearing your favorite suit, have
just finished doing a fantastic presentation to a group of people on
something you really believe in, something that's really going to help
these people, they bought your product and now you're taking off on a
plane with your spouse or loved one  for a romantic vacation.)


I bless my current position with love and I now accept a wonderful new
job or career where I am richly rewarded, creatively, spiritually and
financially.  This is now happening in Divine Right Order for the
Highest Good of All Concerned.  This is now happening under grace in
perfect ways.  I release it to God and surrender to my Higher Purpose.
 I let go and let God!  I now ALLOW the good to flow into my life and
align my will with God's will.

Remember – what you want – WANTS YOU!  You are now on your way to
living the life of your dreams and doing what you came here to do!!

More Food for Thought

As yourself the following questions:

What makes me genuinely happy?

What have I been "meaning to do" for some time now?

What were my interests as a child?
 As a teenager?
 And now, as an adult?
Where there are common themes and how are these reflected in my life today?

When have I felt the most joy in my life?

What interests, talents or qualities have I been longing to express?

 How might I express those in my life?

What do I really want to do?

What are some ways you could:

1)  Do what you love
2) Provide a service to to others who do what you love
3) Teach others to do what you love
4) Write about what you love
5) Speak about what you love
6) Create a product of service related to what you love
7) Sell or broker what you love
8) Promote what you love
9) Organize what you love
10) Set up repair, restore, fix or maintain what you love
# re: Perfect Job Exercise @ Sunday, November 11, 2007 6:51 AM
Wow!   Thanks so much.   This is truely a God Sent to send to clients that are hurting for employment.  I will definatly copy and save this to send to those that are in pain.

And one for me too!  I will tap my heels and say "More calls from Keen"  "More Calls from Keen"  ....
# re: Perfect Job Exercise @ Sunday, November 11, 2007 8:54 AM
Thank u. I kind of took the test while reading,. It made me think. Ok I know I am not in the line of field that I am happy with. OF course more income and need to be in a job where I could use my brain more instead of physical work! I will take time later and do this one, Thanks
# re: Perfect Job Exercise @ Sunday, November 11, 2007 8:54 AM
Great post for a Sunday morning.
Thanks for sharing this great exercise~ I shall pass it on :)
Here's to abundance obtained through doing what we love!
Light & Love
Dr Daragh
# re: Perfect Job Exercise @ Thursday, May 29, 2008 6:34 PM
Thank you to all for commenting on the blog! Nice to know it is being appreciated and shared.
# re: Perfect Job Exercise @ Friday, November 12, 2010 12:25 PM
Awesome visualization and Job Exercise. Thank you so much. Been unemployed for almost 18 months and cannot wait to start using this, thank you.
# re: Perfect Job Exercise @ Monday, November 15, 2010 8:38 AM
Awesome exercise! Will put it to use!
# re: Perfect Job Exercise @ Tuesday, November 26, 2013 12:25 AM
As a testament to the power of this exercise i had finished reading this with the intention of copying pasting and completing it....I was scrolling the comments and the moment i read "And one for me too!  I will tap my heels and say "More calls from Keen"  "More Calls from Keen"  .... "   the phone rang from keen
# re: Perfect Job Exercise @ Sunday, December 01, 2013 7:29 PM
Hi Amandalina, that is so awesome!
# re: Perfect Job Exercise @ Wednesday, December 11, 2013 7:50 PM
I am checking in to let you all know....
Apparently I am going to be an entrepreneur

when I got back from vacationing in vegas I sat down at my computer and had this idea for a "grow your own" grocery store

I started typing and I am 2/3 of the way through my multi phazed business plan.  every time i think a negative thought about all this wasted effort the field of dreams: "if you build it they will come"  echoes in my head

Today I rechecked the email i sent to myself with my answers and this business satisfies all my wishes and needs.  

seriously thanks... then when I make my first million I will ask you for your favorite music album and we can set up a $20.00 a min call *(where you can listen to it!!)
# re: Perfect Job Exercise @ Monday, January 27, 2014 7:55 PM
that is so wonderful for you to post this update, Amandalina!
I love it!!
Keep in touch for sure, I love that you posted the way this exercise is actively helping you!
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