I am Jeekers, a very intuitive compassionate psychic. I pray for Guidance and can bring you helpful insight today. My blog has a few special entries that I have been guided to post on Keen for you to return to later .
Some Great Affirmations, feel free to copy!

1. I am healthy NOW.

2. My health improves more and more every day.

3. I am strong NOW.

4. I am happy NOW.

5. I am swimming in a pool of wealth NOW.

6. I manifest wealth NOW.

7. I am calm NOW.

8. I am relaxed NOW.

9. I am enveloped in a sea of love NOW.

10. I radiate love and happiness to all I meet.

11. I am praying to God forĀ  a loving partner .

12. My job is perfect for me.

13. My home is safe and secure.

14. I am filled with energy NOW.

15. Every meal I make is filled with love.

16. I am successful in everything I do.

17. I am weighing less every day.

18. I am free of tension and stress NOW.

19. I feed my body healthy foods NOW.

20. I breathe vitality into every cell in my body.

21. I am in complete control of my life NOW.

22. I can do anything I put my mind on.

23. I am accomplishing great and wonderful things NOW.
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# re: Some Great Affirmations, feel free to copy! @ Thursday, January 30, 2014 9:28 PM
I need to print these out and say 11 & 18 over and over and over again!!! Haha. I like these all a lot.  I need to really start saying/thinking more positive thoughts. :)
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wow I love this!!!! #1,22,6,11 and all of them really help me out. Thank you for this. Great job and love and light to you always!!!
# re: Some Great Affirmations, feel free to copy! @ Wednesday, February 05, 2014 3:36 PM
Yes Genie, somehow just reading this list is invigorating and relaxing at the same time. The photo on the blog post is one I took when we had a lot of rains where I used to live, it reminded me of the ocean for a glance so I had to stop and pulled over to take a photo! It was relaxing and new to see that different view. Much like we can have  a new view of us with small changes in our outlooks.
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