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Today's reading for August 21
Today is the day of the eclipse! Enjoy safely. Honestly, I have plans to be inside during the totality, but I am tempted to make a viewing box and have a quick peek! I'm in the path of 99% totality which is good enough for me. Don't forget to utilize the energy of today and the New Moon as well. CARD 1 SITUATION: 4 OF SWORDS ~~ Take the energies of the eclipse and soak it in. Take a day to just be. Heal. Rest. Lots of changes have been happening to you and it's time to rest now and gather your strength. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 2 OF PENTACLES ~~ Again my guides are saying to keep stress off today, by bringing in a little fun. You still have much to do and it's been hard work. Life is not without pitfalls, but you can still make it fun. Stay flexible. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: THE EMPEROR IN REVERSE ~~ You are here! Don't give up when you think your hard work has been fruitless. It hasn't. Look around you today and appreciate how far you have truly come. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: QUEEN OF CUPS IN REVERSE ~~ Focus less on whether or not the cup is half empty or half full. Focus on the fact that you have a cup! It's time to spark the world with your light, but in order to do that you have let others see it. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: KING OF SWORDS IN REVERSE ~~ You can't man handle your way through things today. Control you temper, especially when dealing with people as stubborn as you are.
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