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Today's reading for December 15, 2018
Wow! It's been a weird couple of days! Look for some free minutes coming this weekend for your continued patience. It's been almost like Mercury is still in retrograde! I've been without internet access for several days and school has been closed in my area due to weather. We've had lots of rain this year and when the cold snap hit us the ice has brought down a lot of trees and power lines. Everything has finally been restored and just when I though I'd be fully online today, my wireless router died. I have finally figured out how to the hook up the new one (being tech savvy, I am not) and am finally back in business. Thanks for you patience as I get everything back online. FROM THE KEEPERS OF THE LIGHT ORACLE SERAPIS BEY: ASCENSION "Move into your true self. Rise above the darkness - the light is here." Serapis Bey is reminding us that there is always room for improvement! Much like my router issues today, it's time to upgrade. Recognize the challenges you have faced and embrace them. Without them, you would not have recognized your need for ascension. Honor your triumphs and tribulations. You can't appreciate the light without the darkness. You can always rise above. FROM GHOSTS AND SPIRITS TAROT (One of my "go-to decks"! I love this one from Lisa Hunt) CARD 1 SITUATION: 7 OF WANDS ~~ You may feel like you are outnumbered in your current conflict, but you are wise enough to see where you have the upper hand and can use this to your advantage. Just remember to get through problems one at a time and don't lose focus on what is really important to you. CARD 2 CHALLENGES/OPPORTUNITIES: 2 OF PENTACLES IN REVERSE ~~ It's time to rebalance yourself. You may have been struggling with whether or not you should tackle issues alone or with your partner. Find balance with your partner. Refocus and simplify to find your financial footing again. CARD 3 POTENTIAL: 5 OF WANDS IN REVERSE ~~ Whatever issues have risen between you and loved ones, they are finally being resolved where you can move forward again in a more satisfactory manner. The ones we love the most are the ones who get under our skin the most. Simply because we do love them. This is not a bad thing. This is part of your road of ascension. CARD 4 NEAR FUTURE: THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Fate is turning in your favor at the moment and you may well end a tough year on a high note. Remember that 2018 has been a year of new beginnings and moving through initial growing pains that we need to have to go through in order to grow beyond our previous limitations. CARD 5 DAILY LESSON: ACE OF WANDS ~~ It's time to continue forward in your new creative endeavors. It's not been without the bumps in the road, but you are over them and there is a straight path ahead for you to follow. There's no turning back, only the road ahead.
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