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Have You Lost Your Ability to Create Love?

Once you get to your 30's and then 40's you've have experience quite of bit of life. Most of that consist of disappointments and hurt feelings which most tend to hold on to in order to protect themselves from being hurt again. One thing is for sure, if you are trying to keep yourself from being hurt you are blocking your ability to create love and all facets of life. You think you are just keeping yourself from being hurt by a new guy/girl but really you are keeping many blessings from coming your way. This is why as you choose to do better in life were it is financial or spiritual you will also have the ability to experience love between you and a partner whether it is new or an upgrade - it is all connected.


Did I confuse you? Yeah, I do that sometimes. Let me explain it this way. Your heart chakra or heart energy that creates your entire world does not discriminate between you loving your partner or you loving your job. It is all the same. Some guru's suggest that you write down exactly what you desire for this very reason. It sets that energy in a direction and gives you positive focus.

So, let's say you've been hurt bad by your past relationship. I mean it took you years to recover. Then this nice new guy/girl shows up in your life that is kind and they are pretty much everything you have been looking for. But, the first thing that pops up are feelings from the past. An automatic guard system appears and you are seeing things from an old perspective. You are not present. The pain from the past has colored this person as a possible cheater and you think they are doing one thing when in reality they are doing another. Next, you push them away. You see them less or you answer your phone less because having control is more important then getting your heart crushed again. In this scenario, you are also seeking a job because your current job is not paying enough and you are sick of struggling. You can't seem to get any interviews or when you do, they don't call back.

You have blocked ALL aspects of creation through closing out an experience of love. It is also true, that once upon a time you might have begged for this perfect person and now they have showed up in your life.  You are rejecting your request which is a no no in the energy world. You may call it the Universal Law. You are responsible for your energy, feelings, thoughts and actions. By this law if you reject the love that you previously requested it sends a vibration outward like when a pebble hits a pond, it will effect all aspects of your life.  Now, don't feel it will be a curse or you will be in danger. That's not what I'm saying. It will most likely cause goals or anything you pursue to be frustrating, delayed or slow until you open up your heart in every way. 


You have to become unbroken. You HAVE TO release the energy in which you are holding on. It is the only way. Forgiving yourself and then forgiving the other person. The easiest way is to allow yourself to feel what ever pain that pops up within that moment and acknowledge it. For instance, you feel deep sadness. You can say, "I'm very sad right now and that's ok." There is no need to get in the details of it. Just allow yourself to feel it because if you try to "fix" it within that moment, hurry to feel peace or happiness it will just come back to the surface and sometimes at the wrong time.

I had a loving boyfriend that was very sweet, but he liked to joke around a lot. In my past, I experience very abusive boyfriends and family. When he made a joke it hurt me so bad I lashed out at him and went home vowing not to talk to him again. In reality, it had nothing to do with the joke as much as he triggered old wounds. I spent all that time between boyfriends trying to feel better quickly instead of allowing myself to acknowledge the emotions and then release. Sabotaging was my specialty in my day. I was an expert at it until I realized I was responsible for my healing, no one else.


If you have lost your ability to create love get on track with it now. Practice opening up as your write about what it is like to be in love again. If there is pain as you are writing sit in it. Keep doing this over and over until you are able to create an entire love scene.  Feelings are just feelings, they are not reality unless we make it through words or action.  Love your partner with current eyes and feelings. Create from your natural ability as a human to love all things.

Author: Jessica Brown

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