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How to Face the Nasty F Word

I bet you once looked at your life and thought, “Ok, I’m ready for something new.” You took action, you did your research and you are feeling great about it! Then all of a sudden that F word tackles every single fiber of faith you once had. Your instinct is to back down, run, hide, scream, yell, protest and be highly frustrated.  A year might pass before you know it and that great plan to make that change never came. You’re still making the same amount of money or less, you’re still single or in a relationship that is not going anywhere.


What I came across is that some feelings can’t be explained by words. Some feelings are so deep and buried from past experiences it may just be coming to the surface after 10, 20 or 40 years.

This is because when you are ready for change you are open to receive and when you are open you are letting go of things you probably didn’t know you were holding on to.

As a child when you were hurt emotionally, you probably didn’t have the skills to process those feelings and it was buried. As a young adult you probably didn’t have the time when it came to the surface and now that you are much older you are wiser – freeing things up and there it is staring at you. You’ve forgotten all about it and still don’t recognize what it is.

That’s ok. You don’t have to know why it is there.

Fear, that son of a gun, comes out of nowhere especially when you are ready to achieve greatness. It doesn’t mean not to keep going or there is something wrong, it just means deal with this emotion in order to grow.  It is almost impossible to achieve anything outside yourself without some type of growth. Even a warrior like myself fall to their knees and have to reorganize the plan.


In order to face fear, you will have to first acknowledge what ever feeling it has decorated itself as….it could camouflage as sadness, tiredness, frustration and even anger.

Then, you must choose on what you wish to feel instead whether it is peace, harmony, passion, focus or happiness.

Sometimes, I say it out loud. “I rather feel peace.”
Sometimes those fear-like emotions come back and sometimes it goes away for good. It’s up to you to choose not to give up. Focus on what you rather have like that great and sexy body or the best relationship you’ve ever had or perhaps its just a better place to live.

Be the warrior and get off your knees and fight the good fight.


The F word can keep you from doing what you love. It can be sneaky and appear as something else. It will make you blame something else other then yourself. It seems powerful and unwavering, but its not the Master, you are. Nothing has the power to create in your world. You get to choose.

Author: Jessica Brown

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