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The Difference Between Love and Infatuation

I think a good majority of us women kind of get the two confused when it comes to our feelings. We get involved with a guy and feel that what we are experiencing is true love but in fact it is just infatuation or a huge crush at it's finest. What's the difference? Love is a deep connection where it does not focus on control. It exist in a space of freedom, peace and openness. Love is naturally unconditional regardless of flaws and expectation. Where as infatuation can deal only in the physical. It is about how your partner looks, makes you feel and rather or not he is saying the right words or doing the right things. It's very focused on what he can provide and what he will provide for the relationship. You may find yourself in full fantasy mode or being in a dreamy like state as if you were a teenager again drawing hearts around his name. This is ok. But it's not love, yet. It's the beginning or the spark that ignites the love flame. When you know it is just infatuation you can let go when it is not working. Not every man that comes in your life is meant to stay forever. I advise taking notes on what you have learned in light, of course, and take it to the next awesome experience.

Author: Jessica Brown

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