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How To Know If Your Man Is Getting Serious!
I am a firm believer in the Three C's:  COMMUNICATION, CHEMISTRY and COMPROMISE.  These are the staples behind any long-lasting relationship.  Those along with a few others are the key signs that your man is getting serious.


A man who is serious about a relationship knows the benefits of communication.  He is ready, willing and able to talk honestly and openly and express the good and the bad.  Good days, bad days, stressful days and all things in between.  Equally, he is interested in you and how your day went, what you feel and what is important to you.  He takes the time to listen when you are upset and hurt.  He doesn't want to shut you out nor be shut out.  Granted, many men are not good at sharing themselves in relationships but a man who wants to get serious finds ways to share and include you into his world.

CHEMISTRY:  More than Just Sex

There is great sex but also great intimacy.  There is an unspoken language between the two of you.  You can be looking at each other from opposite sides of a room and you are in synch with each other.  it is undeniable and gets stronger as the relationship matures.  It is different from lust that often exists at the beginning of a relationship and then fizzles.  True chemistry is always there and builds with intimacy.

COMPROMISE:  He is not afraid to compromise – He doesn't always have to be right.  He considers your opinion and values it.  He recognizes that it isn't just HIS WAY or YOUR WAY - there is a middle ground and he is willing to find it.  Even at times when he feels he is right or wants to do things 'his way'.. he finds the way to make that compromise.  A man ready to be serious in a relationship knows that a happy partner is the foundation to a solid relationship.  Those men that have to be right or have it their way or always persuade their partner do what 'they' want is not conducive to a healthy relationship.

INTERESTED IN YOU AND YOUR LIFE:  He gets to know your friends and family

When a man is truly 'into' a woman and wants to get serious he wants to be involved in her life just as he wants her involved in his life.  He welcomes opportunities to interact with your family and friends as well as have you involved with his.  If he keeps you hidden or as a big secret, the man is not ready to be serious.

REALISTIC GOALS:  He's able to accept imperfections:

All too often when a man is only interested in dating, they want Miss Perfect.  However, when a man is serious about settling down, he is more open-minded and realistic.  He will accept your flaws and more often not even look for or notice them.  If a partner is too critical of you, he isn't seeing you for who you really are.  That often is a sign that he is not ready to get serious.  

PROTECTOR:  He wants to be the provider:

Men start thinking about their career future, where they live, where they want to live and start buckling down more seriously with their finances when they are getting serious about a woman.  Those men who are older or financially secure will often begin to look at their portfolios in a different way (either to share or protect).

READY:  He is talking about Getting Serious.

When you meet someone and begin talking marriage on a first date or even the first month of dating, these are generally situations that don't last.  But when a man who has been grounded and real in a relationship and has taken his time getting to know you and allowing the relationship to build its own natural momentum begins talking about settling down or getting married he is generally being sincere.  A man doesn't start bringing up marriage or getting serious unless he is ready.  Or, if he asks your ring size or favorite cut of diamond, you know he is thinking long-term.

COMMITMENT (he has to believe in it):

Some men are truly RELATIONSHIP or MARRIAGE MATERIAL and others are not.  Some men believe in commitment others do not.  In order for a man to be ready to be serious he needs to believe in commitment.  If he doesn't, it won't ever work.


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very true indeed. It's important to pay attention to the actions and not just words.
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"PROTECTOR:  He wants to be the provider:"

Wow. Just wow. Is this written in the 19th Century or has the First World woman has gone whack?
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