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Learn to Speak the Language of the Universe to Get What You Desire!

I often speak about the duality of thoughts.    In order to manifest love, money, health, happiness and all the things you desire – you MUST learn to think and speak in the 'Language of the Universe'.  Every thought you think has 2 sides; a positive and a negative.  And the Universe doesn’t translate or judge; it will give you what you ask for.


I work with hundreds of people every year.. both as a psychic and a Life Coach.  My clients always hear me speak about the importance of radiating to the universe the things you WANT TO ATTRACT into your life.  In the spiritual realm – like attracts like.  And, my clients often tell me that they are thinking positive thoughts yet they continue to manifest 'lack' in their lives.  So, I often ask them to keep a ‘thought journal’ and give me examples.  Here are some of those examples:


Stan is a client who was trying to manifest money into his life for countless years before meeting me.  He was recently shopping and found himself thinking:


Darn, I have to win the lottery – I just don’t have enough money to pay for everything.


He told me, ‘But, Lady Fontaine I am thinking positive thoughts and I am telling the universe what I want’.   He did not realize that he was speaking in ‘lack’.  In reality, the words above are telling the universe that Dan doesn’t have sufficient money to pay for everything.. and the universe’s primary job is to HEAR WHAT WE ASK FOR and to GIVE US MORE!  So, what will the universe deliver?  More ‘lack’ of money rather than more money!


Renee has been a client for many years.  She had on-going financial and love problems.  She had been doing positive affirmations for over 10 years and is a strong believer of positive thinking.  Until she met me she was not able to manifest the things she truly wanted.  I asked her to keep a journal of her ‘thoughts’.


  ‘One day I am going to meet the most awesome man and live happily ever after.’


  ‘I am definitely going to get that salary increase and become Sr VP in the next 5 years’.


Hmm.. on the surface these look like positive thoughts.  But, keep in mind the duality of thoughts – so what does the universe hear?  Let’s break it down.  The Universe deals with the NOW.. not the future.. so the universe translates that to mean that RIGHT NOW Renee has NO ONE in her life.  And, what did we say is the primary function of the Universe?  To receive our ‘requests’ multiply them and send us more of what we ask for.  So, what does Renee get back?  More lack.. She didn’t have the TRUE LOVE in her life nor the job she wanted UNTIL she changed her thoughts.


When we ask for the things we desire.. the universe gets our 'request', magnifies it and sends us more and more!  So, the universe heard that Renee had no one in her life right now and sent her lots more.  As for her job request above – Renee is 100% certain that she will ONE DAY get her salary increase and become Sr VP in the future and that is where the universe keeps it.  The Universe deals with the NOW.  In the Seth Books (channeled to Jane Roberts) we learned that the moment of power is in the NOW!!!  So, in order for the Universe to understand that either of those requests is meant to deliver LOVE and MONEY into our lives now - they need to be reworded into something like the following:








Now those are just a couple of possibilities.. there are countless other ways to word things to bring results.  But, the commonality of those positive affirmations/thoughts above is the feeling of being grateful.  When we appreciate and are grateful for what we have.. we get more.  Plain and simple.  So, if you don’t currently have the true love of your life.. instead of cursing ex-boyfriends and girlfriends.. be THANKFUL for the time they were in your life.  Be thankful for the experiences you shared.  If you don’t currently have a job or the job of your dreams.. GIVE THANKS TO WHAT YOU DO HAVE.. and the universe will deliver more.  So, let’s take the example of not having a job right now.  How can we focus on a positive message to the universe so the universe will send us blessings?  A couple examples are below:


I am thankful for my ability to earn money

I am thankful for the wonderful work experiences I've had [this one is focused on gratitude]

I am thankful for the job opportunities that are entering into my life

I am thankful for the business contacts I have


Give thanks and appreciation for the things in your life.. and you will draw in positive experiences into your life that mirrors your gratitude.


So, you may wonder why is it so important to word things in a certain way?  Well, it is more than just the wording.  When you think negative thoughts and are resentful of a past love or spouse, of a job you hate or a job you lost – your energy is resonating negatively.  So, if you stop to think of the GIFTS a person or opportunity brought into your life.. your energy will shift to appreciate their role in your life.  The Universe is non-judgmental and doesn’t interpret or decide if you are worthy of the things you ask for.  The Universe has Rules.. and the Rules Say it will multiply what you ask for.. and send you more.  So, learn to speak the Language of the Universe and Get Everything You Desire!


Joannie had been trying to manifest a new job for the past 7 months.  She called me on Keen and we talked.  I told her I felt the job was ‘just out of her reach’ and as we talked I heard her dialogue and brought it to her attention.  Basically she was saying words like:  ‘I know one day God will send me the job of my dreams!’.  Now on the surface, this seems like a positive thought.. but what does the universe hear?  Since the Universe deals in the NOW.. it hears.. Right now.. Joannie doesn’t have a desire for the job of her dreams and therefore, she doesn’t get it.  I worked with Joannie for a few weeks and got her to catch her own thoughts and gently shift the way she thought.  I HAVE THE JOB OF MY DREAMS and I AM THRILLED!!!  And, wanna know something.. she GOT IT!!!


Understand that the Universe deals in the NOW!!   The Universe *WILL* bring you the things you ask for.  Your job is to speak the language of the universe to manifest all your dreams.  The things you think most about and dwell on are the things the universe delivers to you.  The universe interprets that as PRAYER or a MANTRA.  Again, the ‘job’ of the universe isn’t to sort through all the requests and decide what is good and not good for someone.  The job of the universe is to accept the prayer requests, magnify it and deliver results.  And it does.


So, be aware of what you think and how you think it!  Word things IN THE NOW!  When thinking of the things you want in your life.. don’t think of it in the future.. because if you do.. that is where it will stay.  Think of it in your life now.  Don’t think of how much you want it.  ‘Wanting’ means you don’t have it.. and it stays in the future.. out of reach.  But, most importantly, the REAL key to success in your life is GRATITUDE. 


Stay tuned for my next article on GRATITUDE.




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