Holidays what not to's
I have had so many toxic scenarios in my life time, toxic people, situations and certainly toxic memories... Holidays had become a damper, a painful trigger and even worse a forced occasion. This season is a Tis' the season hoorah for this Lady. I am embracing my focus and my success, I am patting my own back for removing the main source of toxicity and I am now able to list out the Holiday what not to's so any of my lovelies reading this can see how to handle same situations in a more positive way. The biggest not to for this Holiday season is STOP THINKING, turn that mind down a notch and breathe, meditate, focus on one thing at a time.. whatever it takes... this will clear a path so you can enjoy the little things. For the ones who are still connected to toxicity or narsacistic relationships or people and pain this is the hardest step to take... it is not only hard it can be near impossible, but you CAN do it. Release one bad memory, feeling or person at a time... do not allow negativity to empower you and take away your joy... what not tos are just as important as your to do list and i promise you that. Dont over think, over stress or worry about money this holiday season... tis the season of paper.. make gifts if your broke, hit up the dollar store.. it is the thought that counts and that goes for in all cases... your thoughts count and you control your mind! Holiday what not to's may not be the biggest deal for some, but for those of you that hear me, that feel the stress, triggers or that brain that just wont be quiet for 2 minutes... this is for you.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND BLESSINGS <3
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