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This is from a person I help. I was asked to post this. I called MBR Psychic for the first time awhile back. I'm not real sure when I would guess roughly about 18 months ago. I was concerned about my hubby. I thought he was cheating on me and was going to leave me. I mean nothing was going right for us at all. I had called a couple of psychics but I wanted to get a man's point of view on this. I mean after all the other people I had talked with said he was a cheating dog and he was going to leave me for her. I called MBR Psychic (Dan) to get his view point and I asked him straight out why is my hubby cheating on me. What is wrong with me that he doesn't want to be with me me? Dan came back with what are you talking about your hubby isn't cheating on you and he sure isn't going to leave unless you toss him out. I know you've been told that he is cheating but that isn't the case. The reason he is acting funny and staying out all hours is because of money. He is working part time at a bar to make extra money to make sure you are taken care of. He said don't worry you are going to find this out here in a few weeks. Once you find out about the second job you and him are going to have a talk. About 3 weeks later my girlfriends and I went out and sure enough we went to a bar and there was my hubby working behind the bar. I told my friends that we had to leave and go someplace else. Indigent want my hubby thinking that I was checking up on him or being embarrassed by having to work at a bar. Later that night my hubby came home and he told me I guess you know now what I've been doing for the last several months. He saw me at the bar. We had a good talked. Thank you Dan if not for you being honest with me I would have left him a long time ago. We are still together and doing great. Thank you again Dan we will be talking again soon. I know at times my profiles can be hard to find. The best places to look for them is under Life Questions,Finacial Outlook and love and relationships. Everyone is more than welcome to call. Get the answers you want and need Call now MBR Psychic 800 275 5336 ext 04198712 10-17 working 930 to 5 pm est
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