little late
Sorry I am getting this out a little later than I wanted to. Been a busy morning here on Keen for me.
Here is something from a person that I help. I was asked to post this.
I called MBR Psychic (Dan) abut some issues I was having. I am not going to say what these issues were but I will say that Dan was right about issues.
Dan and I have talked many times since my first call to him and yes I thought that he was nuts. He told things that went against what some others have told me. I got off the phone with Dan thinking I am never calling that guy again. Then the stuff he told me was going to happen started happening. I discover some information that Dan said I would that was proof of what I thought was going on. Keep in mind I was told nothing was going on by others. Dan was right it hurt but he was right. Now Dan is my first and only call.
Looking for a great adviser you should give him a chance.
That is from a person I help. Again I was asked to share this with you all. I know that my profiles can be hard to find. The best places to look for them is under Life Questions, Financial Outlook or Love and Relationships. Get the answers you need Call now
800 275 5336 ext 04198712
MBR Psychic
1-26 working 10 am to 5pm est
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