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I am sorry that it has been awhile since I posted anything. I have been very busy with keen and the other psychic company I work for. I will try to get back to posting since I know that many people use this to see if I am working. If I post that day or not if it is Monday through Friday it is a safe bet that I am working.
As many of you know this is all I do. I am not here to make extra money in fact money isn't even my main focus. I am here to help anyone that wants help. When you call me you are treated like a person not a number. My goal is to get your questions answered as quickly as I can. I don't believe in wasting your time with small talk. You're calling me for answers and help.
I know at times my profiles can be hard to find. The best places to look for them is under Life Questions, Financial Outlook or Love and Relationships. Get the help that you need Call now
800 275 5336 ext 04198712
MBR Psychic
1-24 working since 1030am est until at least 5pm est
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