questions questions questions
I asked a person I helped if I could write about this. I was told yes in fact the person actually put some of this in my feedback which I was unaware of until a few minutes ago.
I gave this person a reading and I during the reading I was by this person how come your not asking me any questions. I informed this person that I am honest and I want everyone to know that what I am telling you to be true.
I don't ask questions once you tell me what you want me to look at. I will tell you what I truly see. If I ask a question normally it is to help you see something that you already know. Let me give you an example of a question I might put out there. What color is the sky? We all know the sky is blue even though I know the answer to this question it might be more important for you to see that yourself. In other words your not going to get a lot of questions from me when I am here to answer your questions.
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