Yes everyone I was out yesterday (Thursday) but I am back today to help anyone that wants or needs help.
I would like to talk about titles. Titles are just that titles. Do titles really mean anything?  After all we are just talking about a title.
Really if you think about it a title is just that a title. It doesn't bring you and real standing at all. It is you the person that really makes or breaks you. Yes it is nice to be called the whatever it is but that title doesn't bring you the respect. The respect comes from you and who you are as a person. I have seen it so many times over the years that one person might be the boss in title but really it is someone else without the title running the show.
I know you all reading this are thinking well that's ok in the business world but wht about relationships. I have seen it to many times where there are people that are married with the proper titles or relationship of boyfriend/girlfriend but yet one or both are seeing other people. Yet they have the title and I have seen people that don't claim titles like that and are loyal to a fault to each other. A title is just a word nothing more.
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