Help for Suffering Twin Flames

The Co-Creators of this Universe, Christ Michael and his mate, the Holy Spirit, created our  Universe on the principles of Unconditional Love and Respect for  Free Will. Mastering these principles leads mortal souls toward Creator consciousness.  At a certain point in the evolution of the mortal spirit, some are able to grasp these principles move toward creator consciousness.  Eventually, a pair of  Twin Souls, when spiritually perfected, are empowered to create their own Universe.


The Co-Creators of this Universe experienced the horror of having their first born Soul, the powerful Lucifer, gifted with all the powers of creation should he follow the two universal principles, take his creative power of Free Will and did not respect the Free Will of others.  He believed that he did not have to master the principles of the Co-Creators’ Universe, and Willed that he should be equal to the Co-Creators.   In his effort to reinterpret the principles of this Universe, he persuaded many immortal souls to join him in claiming that one could become a creator merely by the exercise of Free Will.   His power to deceive others was in the words, “Exercise your Free Will,” rather than “Love Unconditionally and Respect the Principle of Free Will.”  Many immortals and mortals alike, continue to believe the deception of Lucifer and chose to manifest “Free Will” without reverent regard for the true balancing forces of the Co-Creators plan.  This is the continuing battle on the astral plane. 


Because this Universe was created on the principles of Unconditional Love and Respect for  Free Will, when Twin Souls are embodied in the same lifetime meet one another, they have the opportunity to manifest the principles upon which the Universe is created.  If both Twins are at the same level of spiritual consciousness, the reunion will be challenged only by the forces of evil, which do not want the Twin Soul mission to succeed.  Spiritual attacks can be defeated by both conscious Twins devoting their energy to defeating the challenges which evil brings to disrupt their conscious manifestation of Unconditional Love and Respect for Free Will of all.

In most cases I have encountered, there is the dilemma of one Twin being more receptive to the mission than the other.   For the “more conscious” Twin, the experience of meeting the other part of the co-created Soul brings an increase in spiritual evolution toward the Twin mission.   The “more conscious” Twin will feel an explosion of great joy in meeting the other Twin.  Unfortunately, for the “less conscious” Twin, the realization of the Twin energy cannot be accomplished.  They experience a feeling of loss of control, confusion, fear and ultimately hostility toward the “more conscious” Twin.

The more “conscious” Twin will seek the prayers and efforts of those working in the light.  One would think that the prayers of the “conscious” Twin and light workers called to aid the reunion would be sufficient to bring the “less conscious” Twin to the realization of the Twin Mission. Having tried all practices I have been able to discover on the astral plane, I must report that only if the “less conscious” Twin is willing to accept the gifts of love and light, will there be any movement in the direction of manifesting the Twin mission.

This is the key to the Twin mission: both Twins must consciously recognize the gift of meeting their other half on the earthly plane and be able to sustain the power of the Twin mission, which manifests both principles of the Universe.  The “conscious Twin” will cover the “less conscious” Twin with Unconditional Love in the effort to encourage the “less conscious” Twin to choose, by Free Will, to manifest the mission.  Many of the “less conscious” Twins will refuse to exercise their Free Will to surrender to the Twin mission.  Instead, the “less conscious” Twin will rebel against the mission and cause considerable harm to the “more conscious” Twin.
When a Twin Reunion fails, the “conscious Twin” will continue to feel the energy of the “less conscious” Twin and will suffer from the “less conscious” Twin’s pain, a pain that the “more conscious” Twin is willing to bear to this burden until it is clear that the “less conscious” Twin has exercised his/her “Free Will” to destroy the Twin reunion.

HERE  I MUST STATE A WARNING:  As the “more conscious” Twin becomes “obsessed”  with the salvation of the “less conscious” Twin to manifest the mission, the “less conscious” Twin will take as much of the “more conscious” Twin’s spiritual energy as the “more conscious” Twin has to offer. The “more conscious” Twin will increase and intensify his/her spiritual practices to provide more light energy to the “less conscious” Twin.  And to what end?  Many “less conscious” Twins become passively or aggressively destructive toward the “more conscious” Twin.  It will feel to the “more conscious” Twin as if the “less conscious” Twin is deliberately trying to destroy the “more conscious” Twin.  This may or many not be the case.  Some of the “less conscious” Twins are just unable to grasp the mission.  Others may choose (consciously or unconsciously) to take the “easier”  path offered by the Lucifer doctrine.   The “less conscious” Twin is caught up in the wanton exercise of Free Will and eventually chooses “Free Will” over “Respect for Free Will.”

By not realizing that the principle is “Respect for Free Will,” not “Free Will,” they become prey to the eternal battle between the forces of the Lucifer Rebellion, become drug/ alcohol dependent, mentally ill or both.  They can no longer be reached by the “more conscious” Twin’s energy.  The “more conscious” Twin will realize at some point that s/he can no longer reach the “less conscious” Twin. Then the “less conscious” Twin has become a “Lost Twin.”  The more conscious Twin will become the “Surviving Twin.”   Even visualizing the “Lost Twin "will become impossible for the “Surviving Twin” and other light workers.  If the “Surviving  Twin”  is in the physical presence of the “Lost Twin,”  the “Lost Twin”  will be unable to look the “Surviving Twin”  in the eyes and it will appear that the "Lost Twin’s” eyes are glazed over.

After months or years of frustration, some “more conscious” Twins will have to surrender their Twin Soul mission and maintain their spiritual integrity by manifesting the principles of Unconditional Love and Respect for Free Will on their own.  The loss of the Twin Soul energy to the dark side need not occur, however.   When the Twin mission has been completely aborted for this lifetime, the Twin Soul energy, coming from the Co-Creators, is sent to the “more conscious” Twin Soul for preservation.

We must become whole with the Twin energy which was abandoned by our “Lost Twin.”  We must continue to act in accordance with the principles of Creator Consciousness of this Universe, manifesting Unconditional Love to all and Respect for the Free Will of all. 

I have developed some techniques for the “Surviving Twin," first, to  recover from the failed Twin Reunion; second, to bring the Twin energy for safe-keeping with the “Surviving Twin;"  and, third, to manifest the Twin Soul  mission alone in this lifetime.  At the point, either before or at the time that the mortal body of the “Lost Twin" dies, the “Surviving Twin" (whether in this mortal embodiment or in the “astral” body) can return the Twin energy to the “Lost Twin" and hasten their evolution to the higher planes of consciousness.

Energy cannot be destroyed.  It can only be transferred.

May all of the “Surviving Twins" be granted the strength to continue to manifest the Twin mission alone,  without further pain from the failed Twin reunion in this lifetime.

Yours in Eternal Life and Divine Love,
Magic Joy

JOYFUL NEWS (POSTSCRIPT):  I have now been privileged to realize that the Creators do not require the "Surviving Twin" to act alone in the continuing mission.  Through the love and respect that uplifts us in manifesting the mission alone, other divinely conscious mortals come to us to assist us in fulfilling the missions for which the "more conscious" beings are called.  Open your hearts and free your Souls from the misery of the failed Twin Soul mission, my fellow travelers in this realm.  Like attracts like.  Our spiritual resonance influences those around us, the spiritual resonance of others influences us, and we will find the true joy of mortal union with those who are evolving toward Creator Consciousness.

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# re: Help for Suffering Twin Flames @ Tuesday, September 21, 2010 11:07 AM
Thank yous. This is the single best message on the www for ts relationships. We need more "how to survive" and less "how to find." there's enough of that.
# re: Help for Suffering Twin Flames @ Monday, November 22, 2010 8:51 AM
I have been on an unbelievable journey after meeting with my twin flame.  I had no understanding of the term twin flame until we met.  She answered in my heart the missing link of unconditional love. Sadly, she and I only met briefly. Her energy filled my dreams with such clarity, rainbows and stars cascading down from the highest dimensions, revealing a mission of service to others.  My heart is filled with love and spiritual awareness.  I am a surviving twin and there is hope and faith and much love to give.  
# re: Help for Suffering Twin Flames @ Tuesday, June 19, 2012 9:01 PM
common sense might suggest that one twin would be dedicated to the "lost" other.  who else on earth could ever possibly care enough to be so committed?  and please don't say spirit guides or angels.

it is my personal belief that "twins", especially when made consciously aware of each other, should at that point begin to life their lives for each other.  it doesn't make sense to think one will move on, knowing leaving the other behind and chalking it up to some "divine" reason.  
# re: Help for Suffering Twin Flames @ Sunday, August 05, 2012 9:43 PM
I am so glad I found this article.  This exactly what I needed as this is exactly what I am going through with my twinflame.  I have to go on to my mission alone.  Thank you for posting this.
# re: Help for Suffering Twin Flames @ Sunday, November 25, 2012 1:17 PM
this is entirely accurate as i am experiencing this now
# re: Help for Suffering Twin Flames @ Tuesday, November 27, 2012 5:22 PM
ive gone beyond this. i can tell you that this lost flame idea is erroneous.
# re: Help for Suffering Twin Flames @ Thursday, January 03, 2013 10:19 AM
Good for you to survive and understand the twin reunion process!  I had a similar experience and wrote a similar blog entry at  My latest project is the Hildegard of Bingen Christmas message 2012 at  Enjoy!
# re: Help for Suffering Twin Flames @ Friday, March 15, 2013 12:49 PM
I put material on the internet similar to yours, with the same wording of surviving the twin flame. The ordeal is extremely real, I've been through it completely. People now write me for help on the topic, and I later changed the wording to surviving the twin soul. What I have found is that the twin soul is your original creation partner, but if they decline a partnership with you when you're ready to cocreate consciously, you can pull in your energies and become whole to then receive a new better twin. This is your twin flame, the one who is as ready as you and carrying a torch for you. There are multiple twin flame candidates, and an especially good one will be found to completely replace your lost twin soul when you are ready. Twins should never feel stuck and waiting on someone else, all growth begins in the self and God supports everyone's freedom of choice, so of course this includes the twin who is ready for more love. Twin souls are in fact inherently problematic from the way they counterbalance each other, and do NOT usually make good romantic or life partners. My twin soul is still connected energetically of course, but I love her like the ultimate sister, and I would never go back to wanting her for my needs as a spiritual adult. I have recently found my greatest twin flame candidate yet who is so much more appealing and matched to me than my twin soul ever was, it's very healing and exciting to see how this new opportunity to be a soul in the world will unfold. For more on the topic of Twins & Soulmates see on my facebook post here
# re: Help for Suffering Twin Flames @ Thursday, May 23, 2013 3:01 AM
i think im losing my mind with this twin flame thing...mine was my first boyfriend when i was 15 (cliche, i know, but its true) we were born less than half a day apart in the same hospital....then we were in kindergarden together...but i officially 'met' him when we were 15...he was my first love...we felt a connection then, but now....its insane, really. we broke up & then i dated a friend of his...long story short my 'friends' all did a lot of things to screw me over & i moved on, met my husband & have been mostly happy since.....then the ex comes back around....he talks to me constantly in my mind....sounds insane but im sure yall have heard this before.....we are acting in ridiculous ways & both feel an insanely strong pull to eachother, & he NEEDS to tell me the things that happened then, but he cant...hes afraid i will hate him & he is afraid to hurt me....i love who i am with but love him torn & i am miserable, sweet wonderful husband...i talked to him about it & he - who could understand this? but he DOES & has given me free reign to do whatever i need to do....but i am still torn...i do not want to give up my family or my twin flame....but i cant be with both & im not sure either can except eachother as such a big part of my life....not to mention my ex is maybe the most emotionally blocked up person i have ever encountered in my life....he was when we were kids & its 100x worse now....i would love to ask for some advice or help here? My heart is so heavy & i hurt for all of us....i seem to be what the whole thing rests on, & the pressure is outstanding.......i honestly have no idea what to do...its been a year & a half, & sometimes it feels we are further from a resolution than ever.....honestly im terrified & my ex tells me he is too....i wish i knew what to do....for anyone goign thru this now - i pray for all of you.....
# re: Help for Suffering Twin Flames @ Wednesday, July 10, 2013 6:16 PM
Thank you for this information! I am experiencing hostility toward me from the less conscious twin flame since finding a man that is what I wanted from him. He recently got engaged and has not come toward me to reconnect in over the year that I have been back in the area. He sees visions of me, misses me, and is currently not happy in his relationship from what I gather. Yet, he continues in it. This man I met, I have decided to see more of him and let him into my life. My twin flame is hurt by this, but I'm supposed to be okay with his relationship and not give up hope on him. I have decided that if he chooses free will over the mission, I will manifest it on my own. I'm already heading in that direction. I know where I can get help with it so I'm moving forward. I would like to see your book or class you offer to help me ensure success.
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