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Beautiful Shani: Saturn enters Scorpio
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Saturn enters Scorpio.. Transformation begins
October 2012-October 2019
Many people will read about the Saturn transits through various resources and each article will encompass something unique. However, perhaps a unique prospective of this transit or even interesting concept is to consider the notion that there are many ways that planets are views and how the effects of these planets impact humanity. One the primogenitor concept is through Vedic readings and astrology.

Vedic Astrology has been known to be one of the oldest forms of Astrology that has been practiced throughout the Eastern philosophies. Through these studies forms a unique practice of what is known as a Vedic Readers. However, to be able to understand what a Vedic Reader does, one has to understand the practice of Vedic Astrology in its formation, which is that every planet in the universe sits in every humans chart (very similar to Western Astrology). However, in Western Astrology the Earth gravitates around the sun whereas in Vedic it gravitates around the moon.

This push and pull becomes a behavioral instability in every human through pressures of the sun, the moon, or the planets in general. A Vedic reader focuses primarily on lessons being learned and adjustments which can bring positive results as well as extreme karmic forces. This type is often referred to as ground work for Saturn.

"The season of Scorpio is upon us, encouraging us to dig beneath the surface of all matters and discover what actually lies beneath those things we take for granted and live with in the world. These are the feelings and energy we will be living under for the next two and a half years, and nothing will be superficial during the period Saturn is in the most intense of signs." Leslie Hale

On October 5, 2012, Saturn will enter Scorpio. Saturn is known as Shani in the Vedic scriptures. Like many deities in the Hindu philosophy, this deity also has its own reasons for being and reasons magnifying during certain periods. Shani is Devi (Deity, Avatar of God) and is prominent in many cultures and beliefs of Hinduism. Shani is a representation of the older deities as a son of Surya (the sun deity). With its complex history Shani has been known to protect humans from sinful acts and help remove obstacles. However, many Hindus fear this deity and its presence, yet it is also present in every human’s chart. The complex question arises when we ask how a deity enters a human’s chart.

"Saturn makes its grand entrance into the sign that rules the eighth house of death, transformation, taxes and sex on October 5, for the first time in 30 years." Leslie Hale

It has been written that every Avatar enters a human’s chart through reincarnation of the sins in heaven, for every human is an image of God himself and every sin in heaven will be felt by the humans on earth. Since every human has Saturn (Shani) in their charts just like Pisces (Gods birth chart in their chart or the creator himself) anyone who has been under the influence of Shani will be at a risk of bad luck or difficult lessons.

Shani has been known to be the greatest teacher of all. He wishes well for those that are humble and take the righteous path and punish those that are focused on greed and vengeance. When Shani (Saturn) transits through one’s chart it takes a pass for about 2.5 years in total of 7 years when it reaches every astrological sign. During a Shani (Saturn) period one could feel depressed, disappointed, alone, become agitated. Or sometimes it can have a complete opposite affect where life is a pleasure. This all depends upon the placement of Shani (Saturn) in ones chart.

Shani only prefers something or someone that is solid. Anything that is altering or changing will not be allowed and Shani becomes angry. Therefore it is advised not to start any project during the time Shani is orbiting your chart. Always keep in mind Shani is not meant to cause harm but to bring harmony to your own Karma. Once he leaves then he has taught us great lessons of our past sins which we knowingly committed and showers us with gifts at the door step for enduring his wrath.

"Saturn last transited this sign November 30, 1982-November 18, 1985. Prior to this it was October of 1953-October of 1956. Anyone born during these periods will experience their first or second Saturn return during the next two and a half year cycle. Queen Elizabeth of England, God willing, and all others her age will experience their third Saturn return. This period always proves a pivotal point, as one prepares to make way for their next life phase, as the planet structure and limitation returns to its original place in our natal chart every 29.9 years." Leslie Hale

Shani has been orbiting Tula (Libra’s) for the past 2.5 years and up to 7 years and now moving into Scorpio (Vrischika). The rashi (Hindu Astrological name for a moon sign) Vrischika (Scorpio) will begin its path on the very structure of the rashi which is regarded in the Vedic philosophies as the head or the beginning of formation of one’s life. For most Scorpios this could begin as early as October 5 or as late as November 15, 2012, depending on the severity of natives (persons) chart according to Western Astrology.

Shani in Vrishika (Scorpio) refers to things unexpected and anything that has been hidden from ones self or eyes of another will go wrong. A good example of this could be while driving something unexpected falls on your windshield which blurs your vision and there is nothing that can be done. Be careful on 8, 17 and 26 of any month. Also be extra careful during the spring. Be careful with any sexual or personal diseases. There are tendencies to loose things that are precious (as things that mean luck to you), there could be knee problems, reproductive issues, fractures and serious health or blood problems.

However, according to Vedic Astrology Shani period entered Libra on August 04, 2012 and will continue until November 2020 at which time it will enter Scorpio. This is because Vedic Astrology focuses around the moon rather than the sun as practiced in Western Astrology. It’s almost like imagining what sign you would be if one was born on the cusp. For example if a person is born on October 24, this would be considered late Libra whereas in the western astrology it is a Scorpio. In these case it is my suggestion to find out from a western astrologer what is your moon sign they will be able to tell you.

The beginning of Shani period is always the most difficult. If it transits in your moon or sun sign it could be that one will have health problems, often it is a period of things unexpected or hidden. It could result from financial losses because of legal issues, or that work will be too much to bear, or that no matter how hard one tries to make things work in their career, frustrations are overwhelming. Shani also brings out enemies that you never knew you had. Risky business will NOT work during this period; especially lies or deception or even hiding the truth just a little bit. But shani does not stop at only finances. Finances are the foundation of one’s life; as well as family or even any kind of relationships such as business, friendship or even love. Tensions could arise at work with co-workers, financial problems could arise unexpectedly, and risky business will fall by the way side. However, remember the gifts of Shani.

"As Saturn moves through Scorpio it will take on the characteristics attributed to that sign. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto. Mars is an aggressive planet, considered the God of War, and the energy it evokes is anything but passive. Scorpio energy is regenerative, not fond of compromise, emotional, determined, charismatic controlling and often takes on a ‘do or die’type of approach. The highest and best use of this energy is to heal or to transform. Scorpio energy can sink to the depths of depravity or soar to the highest of spiritual realms. It is a powerful sign." Leslie Hale

Once this period is over, as are the lessons of Shani, anything that forced hard work and extra patience, even to the point of biting your tongue, will fall into place. But, to find out how intense or how long this period will last it is my recommendation that one talks to my preferred astrologer, Leslie Hale.

The best ways to reduce the intensity of Shani wrath and or the effects of Shani is to recite a Mantra 108 times daily which is

Om Sham Shanaischaryaye Namaha

(Om Sham Shana ischa ryaye Nam a ha)

In addition those who practice the Hindu religion it is recommended that there is fasting on Saturdays (which represents the day of Shani) and do a Pooja to Hanuman every Saturday until this period ends.

However, those that will be affected during this Shani period will not just be Scorpio but all those who have Scorpio somewhere in their chart will be affected. Remember a Vedic reader gives you notice of all your Saturn’s (important lessons) and provides solutions which brings a gateway to sublime resolutions. It is up to you if you want to change the situation to your advantage or live behind rose colored glasses.

"While often difficult, Saturn transits may mark some type of culmination of events. New habits or ways of coping and managing begun under a Saturn transit will likely last a lifetime. There is no way around it. After Saturn transits your Sun or other personal planet in your chart, life will somehow be forever changed. No one's Saturn experiences will be the same. The main thread that ties us all together however, is the fact that as part of the human family, if we live long enough we will all share on thing--one way or another we will pass the tests of Saturn, which are never easy, but ultimately go a long way in shaping us into who we are today. What we survive we overcome and grow stronger as a result." Leslie Hale

Wishing you well through this transformation please remember if you are a fixed sign (Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus) you could very well feel these affects.

Additionally, if you are a Libra your journey is over but not complete until next year in accordance to Vedic Philosophies.


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# re: Beautiful Shani: Saturn enters Scorpio @ Sunday, June 16, 2013 8:57 PM
Shani enters my 6th house in Scorpio (Gemini Ascendant) and sits on my 3rd aspect of natal mars in the 3rd house.

At the same time Ketu Transits over my 10th house aspect of Saturn (in the 10th house, natal is in the first) which is also conjunct natal Mercury.

My birth date is 24th of July 1974 in Blackpool England 53.8245° N, 3.0222° W @ 3am

So I guess my question screwed am I?  I will be in Ju/Ke dasha around this time.

Oh yes my natal ketu is in the 12th house at 25deg in Taurus, some say fall.

Part of me recons its time to make my peace.
Part of me thinks my father may die.
Part of me thinks litigation for being a naughty boy.
Even considered prison.

What can one say or do.
Any input appreciated.


# re: Beautiful Shani: Saturn enters Scorpio @ Monday, June 17, 2013 9:54 AM
If your prospective of Shani as "Screwed" or bad.  That is sad.  Because like life going to school is not always bad.  We may not want to get up to do homework or go to school but at the end of the day we must consider the benefits of going to school.  Saturn is like a school.  I had suggested mantras to do but other than that it is going to be hard work and if you are scared of hard work than you may never be strong at the end of the lesson.  Hope you look at it as a great lesson.  MR
# re: Beautiful Shani: Saturn enters Scorpio @ Monday, June 17, 2013 2:02 PM
Hi Maharini

Screwed may be a negative side of what I am considering, I am afraid that it will all go wrong and smash back in my face.  If its hard work, to be honest I'm happy.  I am severely disabled and have just achieved a 1st class hons in my undergraduate degree and am now setting up a charity for other disabled students (in UK) who achieve a first so that we can work and be independent of government assistance.  We have letters of support from all gov parties and replies from people such as Prof Hawking and other celebs.  Then one I have finished my PGdip I have plans to move to Mumbai to do educational training with a group of friends who can support me.

All of this hard work I find exciting (Saturn in Gemini ascendant aspected by natal Mercury?)

I guess my real problem is fear of everything going wrong and falling appart.

Thank you very much for your response it is much appreciated.

I was also a Krsna monk for many years and have affection for Hanuman and Ganapati as well as Radha Krsna and Sita Rama.

I guess I'm looking to know that it will just be bloody hard work and not everyone causing hassle around me.

Here's a poem I wrote that you may like :-)

You won't find God in an institution, you will find Him in a prayer.
But when you go to the institution, you can also find Him there.
He's where his devotees glorify Him, and this is where He hides.
And in this way they become free from all sin, then in their hearts he resides.

But with a mood of fanatical resentment, the flags of faith are waved.
With a mood of I'm better than you, we all claim to have been saved?
Equal to all and partial to non, this is the loving Lord's mood.
Yet bewildered by an external arrangement, now we are all confused.

The kingdom of God is in the heart, beyond the reach of time.
Pervaded by a transcendental love, so simple and sublime.
A place where every step is a dance, and every statement a song.
Where each exchange is one of love, that's where the soul belongs.

Thank you once again for your reply, and please can you let me know if its just hard work or will there be darker influences for me to deal with.

Yours Sincerely


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