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Seagull Spirit Totem

Seagulls generally live by the water near seaports. They are often seen diving into the water or bobbing on its surface. The seagulls connection to the water is symbolic for those with this totem. Water represents the emotional side of a persons psyche. Because the seagull is a messenger its actions should be studied in order to know what it is trying to tell you. If it dives into your life this can indicate deep seated emotions that need to be healed. If seen bobbing on the surface its asking you to let go of worry, go with the flow and enjoy yourself more.
Seagulls are considered untidy birds as well as scavengers. They make their nests out of vegetation and garbage. Some people consider them pests and others admire them. When the locust invasion of 1849 threatened to destroy crops in California, huge flocks of Gulls fed on the insects and stopped the invasion.
Scavengers as well as fishing birds they will eat almost anything. When several gulls find food, the one who gets there first gets to eat. They seldom fight over their dinner. Seagulls hold the teachings of fairness and respect and show those with this medicine how to create relationships based on these two principals.
Relaxed and easygoing in all of their pursuits seagulls bring us the gift of a carefree attitude. They are casual about how they build their nests and where they live. Those with this totem are sometimes untidy in their appearance and disorganized in their life. Although comfortable with these characteristics friends and family often find these habits distasteful which creates challenging living situations for those with this medicine.
For those with this totem try to remember that the complementary side of a carefree nature is the proper acceptance of responsibility. When you commit to something and others are depending on you its not appropriate to just fly off if the mood strikes you. It is good to temper a carefree attitude with a responsible nature and to know when each behavior is appropriate.

# re: Seagull Spirit Totem @ Monday, April 19, 2010 10:09 AM
A seagull visited me today & sat quietly by my side for an hour. He preened & rested, but continually opened his beak in an exagerated manner (he seemed quite comfortable, not like he had anything stuck). I've been working on my throat chakra & knew his message was to speak & not hold things in. Thanks for the explanation of this totem!
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# re: Seagull Spirit Totem @ Monday, December 17, 2012 5:37 AM
I watch them fly over a neigbors same way .there are3 same patten every daysome times the fly through a v in the tree sometimes they look like a spirt. I wiish i new what they were thinking.
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