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Gazardiel is the Angel of New Beginnings - How to make a fresh start

Angel Gazardiel

Spring is here and usually this is a time for spring cleaning, but it's not just for clearing out old stuff in closets but for clearing out old stuff in your mind that holds you back from truly enjoying life. There has been a lot of heartbreak going on and sometimes we try to recreate a past that no longer exists. We all need to remember that endings really mean new beginnings.

I asked God for a sign of which Angel to introduce today.

Gazardiel is the Angel of New Beginnings and is the Angel of the East, also known as "the illuminated one."

Gazardiel will help you find a new love and find new beginnings. He will also deepen your understanding of an issue and help you realize why something happened the way it did. He will also release addictions that have been holding you back from attaining what it is you were meant to be doing. He can also help you create the perfect home, get a pay raise and launch a new career.

The ideal place to connect with Gazardiel is to face east when the sun rises. If you can't see the sunrise, then still face eastward. Clearly state your concerns and ask him to illuminate your way. Clarity will soon be presented to you.

You can also say this prayer to him:

Angel of New Beginnings, I AM ready to make a fresh start. And I AM prepared to receive the enlightenment that I have been praying for. Help me to maintain my focus and embrace these new beginnings with excitement, certainty and joy.Through Jesus Christ's Precious, Pure and Holy name I pray. - Amen

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