Tarot Cards for February 12th
This is going to be a very powerful week of new beginnings!!

The Fool
 The Fool represents new beginnings, untapped potential, and a fresh start in life. Often some kind of risk is required and a willingness to jump into the unknown. This is the week to move forward and take on a new challenge. The outcome of this new situation may be uncertain, so an act of faith is required on your part this week. This card depicts an innocent-looking and carefree youth setting out on a journey, blissfully unaware of the fact that his next step could lead to his downfall. New opportunities are on the horizon. However, not everything will go according to plan and we should expect the unexpected. This week we will embark on a journey of self-discovery and some surprising revelations. This is the week to have confidence and idealism to throw you onto the next phase of life. It warns against blind faith and not being foolishly naive when faced with certain choices. Some caution or circumspection is advised.

High Priestess
This card suggest intuition, psychic abilities and spiritual knowledge.  You are entering a learning phase and will be drawn to things of an esoteric nature, perhaps through a dream, a book, or a person that you meet.  That person will appear in your life to teach you about the hidden mysteries of the occult world and the realms of the unconscious.  The High Priestess also signifies that your powers of intuition and insight will be heightened and that help and guidance will be provided by what comes to light.  Entering the world of dreams and symbols has the potential to offer fresh insights and fascinating new discoveries about abilities that you did not even know you possessed.  There are pitfalls, however, in exploring these untapped aspects of the psyche and you need to use your intuition to differentiate between truth and deception.

Three of Cups
Happiness and good fortune are associated with this card.  This could mean that a joyful celebration is indicated, such as a marriage or the birth of a child, or that a wonderfully happy social life is in store.  There could be a birth in a symbolic sense, with you beginning something which is close to your heart.  A new creative phase promises emotional fulfillment, and any past difficulties can now be resolved.  If you have been ill this card can mean healing and a renewal of trust. 

Please let me know if this is true for your week. Share your experiences and I can help you more. 

Have a wonderful week and I will post another card (or two or three) next week.
Miss Sandra08
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