Tarot Cards for March 12th
A week of Abundance and choices!!  It is will be very positive

Seven of Sacred Circles (Pentacles)
Although you can be proud of your achievements, you cannot to rest on your laurels. The results you are looking for will come through, if you keep your eyes on the goal. if you suffer a setback, it will be overcome if you remain persistent and focused. Similarly if there are any decisions to be made, you will think them through very carefully before acting. Patience and firm commitment will ensure sustained growth.

Nine of Sacred Circles (Pentacles)

You have worked hard and can now reap the benefits.  You can justifiably take pride in your achievements and know that you have earned the deep sense of well-being and contentment.  There is a strong sense of the uniqueness and value of what you have to offer and an appreciation of your skills.  The fact that you are not reliant on the approval of others in order to know your worth gives you a feeling of strength and security.

Please let me know if this is true for your week. Share your experiences and I can help you more. 
Have a wonderful week and I will post another card (or two or three) next week.
Miss Sandra08
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