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Keen is redefining what it means to provide clients with spiritual insight and guidance with many of the changes that have been recently implemented. We have a gorgeous new app, a new look and now, a radio program!

Ms. Lisa M and I are excited to host each week, Thursday at 10pm EST/7pm PST and will feature one new advisor each week to take calls and offer insight on each shows topic. Keen is paving the way and this is an exciting opportunity for advisors and clients alike!

Today's show is all about those most difficult relationships. We have all been there-we have all grappled with the emotions that at times are so strong they have us in the fetal position. We have all REACTED instead of responded when in the throes of this emotional turmoil and did/said things we later regretted. Tonight Ms. Lisa M and I are chatting with fellow Keen advisor, Live the Light on this topic; offering up how we can pull ourselves out, shift what needs shifting and begin to foster strength and peace even when in the midst of high emotional tides. We will help you gain understanding into whether its time to hit the bricks or if this experience can actually bring you even closer.

Join us tonight on Keen Radio We are live at 10pm EST/7pm PST and you can call in with your questions at (657) 383-1952 You can also email your questions to [email protected] and they will be passed along to the advisors and answered on air!

If you cannot join us live be sure to visit the show page and click follow! You will be updated each time a new show is archived so that you can listen and share at your leisure!

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