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Weekly Tarotscopes! Jul-20-2015

It’s a new week filled with new potential and possibility! Though many people tend to think of Monday as dreadful I happen to think of them as new beginnings. Each day and similarly each week holds a new adventure. Let’s see what the Tarot has to say about your week ahead!


Aries: The Wheel of Fortune indicates a week when you are riding high and feeling on top of the world. Everything you touch turns to gold and everything that can go right does! This is a wonderful week to appreciate the view from where you are. Look at how much you have accomplished and achieved. Think about all of the hard work that you put in and think about how good you feel right now. Think back to a time in perhaps the recent or distant past where you maybe felt a little less great. A time when the road seemed to arduous and far too long. You may have felt as though you would never see the light at the end of the tunnel but yet here you are. The Wheel reminds us that all of life is ever changing; the wheel in constant and perpetual motion. Just as you are on top right now things will inevitably circle around and you will face challenges which require your attention. Take stock of what is now so that you can remind yourself later that all things are in motion and what was down will be up and what was up shall be down. Enjoy the journey!


Taurus: The Sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day! And with the Sun card illuminating the week ahead this is more so true for you! You have success, warmth, support and love that surround you. This is a time for connecting with the youth within yourself and those children in your life. Remember what it felt like when you did nothing but play the day away? Enjoying the freedom and expansion that came with feeling in touch with your inner wild? The Sun card is a beautiful reminder that we possess that same freedom now even though we try to fetter ourselves with obligations that we use as excuses for never having the time we need for the things we want. This is a week when you will want to indulge in some play and show gratitude and appreciation for the support and success which surrounds you. Good news and expansion are ahead for you, Taurus!


Gemini: The light at the end of the tunnel may not just be seen but felt this week. The 5 of pentacles reversed signifies a time when we feel as though we are coming out of a dark and lonely slumber. The 5 of pentacles is a card which has a very heavy energy to it. It’s all about disconnection, despair, loss and feeling detached. When it’s reversed I tend to see it as a journey of healing. It’s not that all your troubles are totally resolved and gone but that you are beginning to come out of them. You are beginning to see the seeds of spring popping through the ground with new growth. You are beginning to see that those troubles and issues which seemed so insurmountable are suddenly not quite as large. Where before you perhaps felt your troubles were looming over you much like a dark and hidden monster now you are looking behind you at the monster, knowing that you faced the most difficult part of the journey.


Cancer: This week is all about feeling in balance. The 6 of pentacles is about being in the flow. What comes in your life is proportionate to what goes out of it. Whether this relates to money, love, success, health etc. matters not. It’s just important to take stock of how your life feels in total harmony and balance. The suit of pentacles often does relate to money and one area that you may want to pay close attention to is those who perhaps need your assistance. This is often seen as the charity card. When we are in a place of stability we are in a greater position to help others but also others tend to seek us out when they are in need. This week be sure that you help where you can but do not cut your nose to spite your face. This is not about giving with expectation or giving more than you truly can afford to go without. While it would be nice if they paid you back the fact is you must give only that which you can safely part with.


Leo: The Justice card when reversed signifies dishonesty with the self and with others. It’s the idea of trying to manipulate a person or situation so that you gain the upper hand. Additionally it can speak to a time when you are looking around at the troubles you have and pulling out your familiar and lengthy list of other people you can blame. This week you are begin asked to have the bravery to take responsibility for your own issues. It’s easy to point the finger outside of the self but the fact is that is also giving over your power to those same people as well. It means they are in control of you and your life. I'm not sure about you but I prefer keeping my power. Keeping your power is exactly what you do when you choose to instead take responsibility for your life. Once you own your mistakes and take full responsibility for your decisions and situations that you find yourself in then you also own the power to control these things. You realize that just as you got yourself into this mess you and only you can get yourself out of it.


Virgo: The 4 of cups reversed tells me that this week you need to get clear on what it is that you want and tap into your passion. This card when reversed can indicate a feeling of being aloof, detached and wandering. You feel stuck, bored and a bit like a boat with no oars. The problem is it’s not that you have nothing with which to steer the ship but that you are too busy seeing what you perceive you don’t have and not enough time taking a look at what you do. Missed opportunities will be ample this week if you don’t begin to shift your perception. This is not a week to cut yourself off or isolate yourself. You may be afraid of getting hurt again. You may fear risking again but the fact is if you put yourself in isolation nothing happens. Yes, you may not get hurt in the same ways you did before but now you open up all new ways to inflict pain on yourself. This is a week when it’s imperative that you begin to take action. Stop stalling, stop isolating and stop letting the past dictate how you view and interact with the present.


Libra: Page of Swords is a dynamic card ripe with ideas and new ideas. You will be bursting at the seams with a desire to talk about and get started on all the new ideas that pop into your head. You will be filled with creative explosions and will waste no time in taking steps towards their actualization. It’s not that the ideas are bad or hold no weight, they very well could. But what determines whether they actually amount to much of anything at all is going to be whether or not the passion and determination can be sustained. The Page of Swords is a robust and exciting energy with promise of potential. It can be, however, quite scattered and unformed without some discipline and direction. This week you want to be sure to match your passion with a bit of practicality as well. This should not dissuade you from taking action, quite the contrary this card is the “go for it” sign we all wait for! It does implore you, however, to make sure you have a plan and approach your idea with just as much realism as you do passion and excitability.


Scorpio: Judgement calls this week and the question is whether you are listening. This is about getting in touch with your life’s purpose and mission. It’s about doing the often difficult self-inquiry in order to tear away the layers of conditioning so that you can reveal who you are at your core. Some see this card as rebirth but I prefer to see it as a coming home to one’s self; waking wild, if you will. This is about revealing the authentic and natural you. This week you may have an awakening where you realize that it’s high time that you begin to act in accordance to what you feel is best for you-not what others tell you or suggest that you do.  You will be able to approach this week with an inner wisdom that has compiled your past experiences in such a way that you can go forth capable of avoiding similar pitfalls. You see the meaning behind even the most problematic situations that you faced. You see it all as a journey rather than a conspiracy that life has chosen to pick on you. This week you start anew, a clean slate.


Sagittarius: This week you may have a fall from grace with the 6 of wands reversed. This can be due to egotism, dishonoring yourself or others or perhaps a lack of confidence getting in the way. A sure way to turn the energy of this card around is to pay special attention to each of these themes. Firstly ensure that you are not letting ego drive the car this week. Do not feel that you are so good at what you do that you cannot be beaten. We all have gifts and are excellent, gifted creatures. Please remove the need to be better than someone else. Additionally this week heed the golden rule. Treat others with kindness and honesty. This is not a week for tall tales or outright lies, you will be caught and it will impact your goals considerably. Lastly look at your confidence. While walking about thinking that you know it all is hardly the way to go you also want to avoid a total lack of confidence in the self. Though it can sometimes feel like a precious balance a middle ground between the two is ideal for the week ahead. Whatever you face this week understand that sometimes things do not reach immediate success not because they are hopeless but because we still have more we must invest in our vision. Have faith.


Capricorn: The High Priestess when reversed asks us to evaluate how we are using our power and voice. Are we turning away from both, choosing instead to acquiesce the needs and wants of others, even if it comes with a great cost to ourselves? Or are we perhaps misusing our power in order to manipulate others? I often times see this card when we want something so desperately that we sometimes resort to tactics that are quite unsavory in an effort to impose our will. Additionally this card requests that you not silence your inner guidance system. Within us all we have an astounding gift which will always lead us in the right direction if only we listen to it. This guidance system or intuition is a rich wellspring of information that can be used to assist us as we travel through our lives. When reversed this card can indicate that we may feel detached from this inner knowing or perhaps are willfully ignoring its message. Spend time in nature, meditate to get centered and quiet the external stimuli. This would be a great week to disconnect from devices as much as you can. If there is a message that is trying to make itself known to you now is the time to listen. It may scare you; it may be outside your comfort zone or in opposition of what you want but this message needs to be heard. It needs to be absorbed.


Aquarius: The Hermit reversed tells me that this week you may feel the need to run and hide away from it all. Sometimes this is necessary as we need to quiet our minds and environments in order to gain a fresh perspective. Spend some time in nature and feel free to create a bit of space for yourself but be mindful as well that you are not doing this to a fault. There are times that we go so far in we forget that we must take the knowledge gained and put it into practice in the real world. Only you can decide which side of the coin you are on this week-whether you need to make time for inward exploration or if it’s time to come out of it. Trust your gut and check your ego. One will lead you in the right direction and the other could hold you back.


Pisces: The Fool reversed asks that this week you watch that your decisions are not made off the cuff. You could inadvertently do something which ends up causing quite the disruption within your life. This is not the time for not thinking things through and the energy of this card lends itself for doing things with total disregard to the impact it can have upon your life. While sometimes we need to throw caution to the wind this week you would be better off taking a more meditative approach to anything you are contemplating. Think before you act and then think some more. Take time to weigh the pros and cons and take a look at what outcomes may be a result of any decision you make. Ultimately you are in control of your life and whether it’s positive or negative you must own how your own decisions played a part in the process.


Enjoy your week ahead lovelies! Remember that on July 25th Venus retrogrades. For a more in depth look at how this will impact you take a look at my recent article on the topic!

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