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Love Astrology - Sun Conjunct Juno Conjunct Venus in Aquarius - The Perfect Valentine Concoction

Many Aquarians, Scorpions and Pisceans Have Sort of Given Up On Love.......But Not Really!

So you thought you'd found the right one a couple of 7-year cycles ago when Uranus hit Pisces with a whammy we will NEVER forget!!! Aquarians and Pisceans co-identify from time to time due to the way the sidereal dates fall, i.e. you can be a Vedic Aquarian and a Tropical Western Pisces at the same time. I am using Tropical Western Astrology in this post so what I report will apply to signs under that system.

Right now a 24 deg Venus is conjuncting a 17 degree Sun and a 22 degree Juno ALL in Aquarius, which tells me that a wonderful love is flourishing and has been for a little while, affecting quite a few people. This is great especially for those Aquarians who got kicked to the curb by Aries. Don't worry, just dust your buns off and keep it moving.....seriously keep it moving even if your Aries calls you this weekend just to kick it because they are under the influence of Mars :/ .

Hermits and loners are done with solitude and are choosing to revisit an old partner or find someone new. Pisces is more open to the new just because they REFUSE to go back to the old (sorry In any case Pisceans, be sure you've elevated your mind enough to prevent your new partner from carrying old ENERGY that makes you feel like it may as well be the old flame. Pisceans are not entertaining any funny business from the God of War and Sex in Sagittarius, so if that's what you're after, good luck, and please don't trick know it's easy to do that!

Our Scorpion friends are holding out on this round even though they have ALL the cards and charisma that the zodiac can offer right now........but they have to learn to trust again. I think our Scorpions will be more courageous once the Moon (which is causing them to not want to communicate) moves out of their sign on the 9th.

BTW, Leos get out and have some fun with Sagittarian friends... it will keep your mind off things and you'll find that whatever ails you is not as bad as you thought it was.

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