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Ancient Wisdom and the Power of Speech
Hi Folks, According to the Ancient Spirutal Wisdom of the Kabbalah Words have Tremendous Power. The Ancients do believe in fact the World was created by Letters and Words. One can create and destroy with the Power of Words. There is an Ancient Book which speaks of the Laws of Speech and in this book one is taught to take great care and thought into what is spoken especially in regards to another person. It is written and believed that negative words can cause tremendous devestation not only to people but to the world; they indicate wars begin in this manner. It does behoove us in the times we are living now to consider this Widsom as we all see there is a lot of "gossip" and "negative speech" occurring and people are confused not knowing what to believe. By refraining from speaking negatively about another and choosing our words with care we can all help bring tremendous spiritual light into the World now. However in situations where one's life is in danger or extreme circumstances exist it is ethical and necessary to tell the truth to save lives yes. I hope you found this interesting and helpful. Realize YOU have tremendous Power and can Channel this Power of Speech in most positive ways by refraining from negative speech, gossip and by being thoughtful with your words. Warm Wishes, Mystic9
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